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In the chair for the oath of Hippocrates

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Three of the serious medical cases, which occupied the Cypriot society from last summer until the beginning of 2022, have taken the path of Justice.

Two of them concern health professionals and in particular doctors, who, based on the accusations they are faced with, have been robbed of their function and deceived patients, but also the public, for their own benefit.

The other person of the… company, who according to the instructions of the Legal Service will be accountable before a court, is said to have made a false complaint.

Two from OAY

  • According to official data before the prosecuting authorities, in total, since last summer until today, the Health Insurance Organization has made two official complaints to doctors at the Cyprus Police.

One concerns the doctor, contracted with GESS, who allegedly registered in the system a fictitious number of specific health care services. This is the health professional who was put under the microscope of TAE Nicosia. The investigation seems to have shown that in at least one case, the doctor falsely stated to the system that he had given seven injections to the patient, with the latter stating that he had not given a single injection.

The Legal Service, after first examining the case file, has already forwarded it to the Police Prosecutor's Office for registration in court. The neurologist, who had been employed by the authorities years ago (he had been arrested and charged with 10 offenses, but had been released without charge), was notified by the OAU last May that his contract had been suspended. He faces charges of corruption, money laundering, documentlessness, falsification of records and fraud, fraud and embezzlement through false representations.

  • The second complaint from the Health Insurance Organization examined by the Police has to do with the gynecologist from Limassol. The case concerns a complaint of a 73-year-old woman against the said doctor. The latter allegedly operated on the elderly woman to remove her uterus. The patient, however, found during a subsequent visit to another medical center that her uterus had not been removed. At the same time, the doctor had received 3,900 euros from the GESS for the specific operation… The health professional during the examination of the case by the Police made various allegations. The file was completed and sent to the Prosecutor General's Office for instructions, with the latter forwarding it back to the Police for further action. She is being investigated for violations of the General Health System Law, forgery and circulation of a forged document, embezzlement of money through false representations, as well as negligent and reckless acts.

Six other cases

  • The Police, in the same period, ie from last summer until the beginning of 2022, has examined six more cases which arose mainly after complaints from the Ministry of Health and citizens. One of these cases is interesting, since a citizen complained to another person that he had issued a fake vaccination certificate. However, the police investigation revealed that the woman in question was lying. After the completion of the file with the investigative work, the Legal Service gave instructions for registration of a case.
  • Finally, the 53-year-old cardiologist from Larnaca, who is facing the crimes of forgery, is already accountable before the court. of the circulation of a forged document. This is the doctor who allegedly issued fake vaccination certificates to at least two patients, who eventually contracted the coronavirus and died. The next court hearing against him is scheduled for April 11.

Source: politis.com.cy

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