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In the counterattack Homer with “fire” against Sizopoulos – “He surrendered to the sewer and a sad descent follows”

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In the counterattack Homer with

The former president of the party, Giannakis Omirou, always attributed to him what Marinos Sizopoulos always attributed to him yesterday at the Extraordinary Congress of EDEK. It refers to “sewer”, “false” and “slander” as well as “movements of totalitarianism”.

Read his announcement as it is:

After violating court decrees and violating statutory provisions and after leading himself and EDEK to tragic impasses, Mr. Sizopoulos follows a sad descent, which unfortunately leads a historical party. During yesterday's supposedly extraordinary Congress, he indulged in what he knows well. In the sewer. With slander and lies. And of course in what excels. In the beheadings and deletions. And movements of totalitarianism “only to own the register of members”.

But because he has slipped to the point of ridicule with what he hears unheard of, I respond to his outspoken allegations.

1. “Philoananist”. It is with my detailed suggestion to the Central Committee that the decision was taken for a negative vote on the Annan Plan. If he has not heard it, let him read it even now. Scripta manet. Let me also inform you that I was the ONLY one who disagreed in New York in February 2004 at the National Council meeting with Kofi Annan's proposals to discuss his plan on the basis of timetable, arbitration and referendums. Something that, in his honor, was confirmed by Tassos Papadopoulos, on television in the pre-election period for the 2008 presidential elections.

2. He is still lying about the party's debts in 2015 when I resigned from the party presidency. The debt was fully serviced with the guarantee of the state sponsorship and certainly was not of the mentioned amount but much lower. The then Secretary of Finance Louis Kappas can confirm this. After all, he was Vice President. Where was he then?

3. He wonders why I submitted my resignation from the leadership of EDEK. The resignation statement spoke for itself. It was about violating the rules of political ethics as I understand them. And I warned about the continuation if the same behaviors continued. I was tragically confirmed.

4. Like greed has no end. “Our mother would not have known us if it were not for EDEK.”

Let him know, as far as I am concerned, that I did not enter politics. Politics met me. In the occupation of the Law School of Athens, in the uprising of the Polytechnic, in my arrest and imprisonment for my resistance to the coup in Cyprus.

I am not going to deal with Mr. Sizopoulos again. I leave him to the judgment of the people of EDEK and the Cypriot society.

Source: politis.com.cy

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