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In the counterattack, Phaedo: Denounces political cannibalism and instrumentalization of a refugee committee

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In the counterattack, Phaedo: Denounces political cannibalism and instrumentalization of a refugee committee

The mayor of Paphos speaks about political cannibalism against him and about the instrumentalization of the parliamentary committee of refugees, responding to the criticisms he received yesterday at the committee meeting. designations and non-existent categories by both members of the Commission and guests. It is obvious that he adds that a heterogeneous alliance of parties and some guests has been disturbed because it has created serious problems in recent years in the system they had set up for decades in relation to the concession and use of Turkish Cypriot property to serve party and personal interests. Some adds they made careers and personal fortunes through the distribution and exploitation of T / K fortunes. While some others sought and secured their participation in the Advisory Committee for the concession of T / C properties at the same time these persons own hundreds of acres of T / C land and the most challenging thing is that they are not even refugees.


In yesterday's session, he mentions a leading role was played by a person who, being a non-refugee, owns multiple areas of land than the Municipality of Paphos as a whole and at the same time has the opinion that the concession of T / C land to the Local Authorities should be prohibited by law ( relevant complaints concerning him as he states he has made them in writing). So he adds the above to explain his attitude. Regarding the position that was heard that they will legislate so that the Municipalities are not entitled to be leased T / C land, he states that he has no problem. If they want, he adds, they can demolish all the projects and parking lots and take them back to give them to refugees on party criteria. Mr. Faidonos wonders, where they were to legislate when 300 acres of T / C land were given to the Cyprus Limni Resort of the Siakola Group of Companies for the licensing of two golf courses and where it was when 300 other acres of T / C land were exchanged with the same company and in exchange for privileged T / C land overlooking the Gulf of Polis Chrysochous, Kidemonas was given some “katsavracha” in the mountains inland. The Mayor was present, made written complaints and in the end the 300 acres that had been leased were returned while for what was exchanged we were left as mentioned by the squatters. In Paphos, he emphasizes, some refugees and some non-refugees who had a party identity and were accompanied by certain people became holders of tens of acres of fields and real estate, while some other refugees did not get anything. He notes that he gave a statement to the TAE Headquarters and from time to time made written and public complaints about fictitious companies that secure T / C assets of millions but also about illegal concessions that were made. Soon, he emphasizes, he will re-publish photos that show in what condition they were left to be specific properties and in what excellent condition the Municipality has brought them, giving them back to individuals through open and transparent procedures without party and other interventions. It recalls a recent decision of the Municipality to undertake the renovation of Chania on Fellachoglou Street and the stores to be given by Kidemonas to legal beneficiaries.

Because yesterday he said they did not have the basic democratic sensitivity and perception to let the Municipal Secretary speak and after letting everyone speak several times for 10 minutes without interrupting them and after giving him the last word to speak when he tried to refer to the arbitrary – illegal actions of complaining displaced people, they asked him to recall in a very anti-democratic way and with shouts to the point that a Member of Parliament told him that he was also “outspoken”. It is no coincidence that the President interrupted the session, which could have ended in a few minutes, saying that it would continue next Tuesday in order to perpetuate the issue and cause, as they believe, political costs to the Mayor of Paphos. It is clear that their purpose is not parliamentary control but to use their power for political and partisan reasons. It is common when elections are approaching to register issues and invite some thirty people and indulge in unbridled populism in who will appear as the biggest supporter of the guests with characterizations, insults and the like. He will ask to report through his Lawyer the transcripts and will return to the subject to finally understand in this place that these practices will not pass. If the Municipality or the Mayor is summoned to the next session, he will see the issue legally because the specific power of the Committees is defined and in no case can it be turned into a people's court or anyone can do political cannibalism in front of guests and media to do politics toys. As the Mayor states, he has no problem giving evidence and any clarifications in a decent environment away from characterizations, insults and political cannibalism. If the goal is parliamentary control, I declare “present”. If they want to play games and serve their own political expediencies know that they will get public answers.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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