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In the Covid19 era: How will we support children in the new school year? Read what Dr. Tryfonidou says

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In the Covid19 era: How will we support children in the new school year? Read what Dr. Tryfonidou says

In recent months with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we have all had psychological difficulties. The changes that have taken place in our daily lives and in our habits are so intense that many people face psychological problems. Children are a group of people who have faced and are facing many difficulties, as they have become completely alienated from their daily life, school, activities, friends, and have all been transformed into digital-online form. They experienced a strong uncertainty, with the continuous opening and closing of schools.

Dr. Aristoniki Theodosiou – Tryfonidou, Developmental-School Psychologist and Systemic Psychotherapist , spoke to politis.com.cy, about the difficulties that children have experienced all this time, but also how parents can help their children with opening of schools this year, so that the new school year runs smoothly.

“All of us, young and old, have had a hard time during this period, because this condition with the pandemic is constantly being extended, we do not know when it will end, there is uncertainty and this is the main problem. Uncertainty in itself breeds fears, annoyances and negative thoughts. Children who tend to have phobias, anxiety and compulsions have a particularly difficult time. From personal research and combat psychotherapy, children, mainly of secondary school age and adolescence, faced problems due to the change of their daily life, and of course with the strict prohibitions of the state. “

Typically, we saw too many children with panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

We have new cycles of psychological pandemic. That is, we all go through circles. As long as we have a normality we try to adapt, then comes a closure again and we try again δηλαδή That is, there is a constant effort of adaptation, and of course this has a strong psychological impact. “

The pandemic has affected the psychology of children on many levels. The most serious issues that have arisen in children have to do with anxiety disorders, since the pandemic itself mobilizes them. We may have these issues inside us and in a stressful period they come out. There are definitely socialization problems, especially at a young age that just went to school, and did not have time to adapt and make friends, but also in adolescents due to heavy use of the internet, even creating addictions, and finally learning problems due to distance from the physical school space. ”

Advice from parents to their children going to school for the first time?

“We do not know anything specific about the new school year because there is still uncertainty. Therefore, a parent can not advise on something. We have to live it now and organize it now. If the treaty changes, we will have to readjust. “

How do we help the children of the 3rd Lyceum who take exams for admission to the university?

“The third year of high school is the most difficult school year for children, with a lot of anxiety to achieve the goals they have set. The child's environment should be very supportive and parents should have identified potential issues with their children and helped them deal with them. For example, if they have intense anxiety, negative thoughts, and difficulty managing their year, it is a good idea to consult a specialist so that the child does not experience a panic attack or anxiety crisis during the exam. The atmosphere in the house is very important to be supportive and not critical, so that the young person can dedicate himself to his study. ”

What is the way for children not to lose hope that we will overcome everything we live?

“Living in a difficult and unprecedented situation gives the feeling that you will never be able to get out of it. However, knowing that similar events took place in the past and people overcame them then, and in fact with less through today, this can give us courage. Of course, it also has to do with the mental resilience of each child and how he deals with life. ”

In the Covid19 era: How will we support children in the new school year? Read what Dr. Tryfonidou says

Dr. Aristoniki Theodosiou – Tryfonidou.

source: CITIZEN

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