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In the elections, the attention of DIKO and not to the next generation, says YPOIK

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In the elections, the attention of DIKO and not to the next generation, says YPOIK

The Minister of Finance, Konstantinos Petridis, responded to DIKO with a written statement on the Recovery and Resilience Plan and blames the party for “opposition ostrich”.

Mr. Petridis states that “we understand the opposition ostracism of the Democratic Party and its President, who even voted against the budget and voted part of the Recovery Plan for 2021”, a plan that is the EU's own response to the crisis, from and bears the title “Next Generation EU” (“Next Generation EU”).

“Certainly Mr. Papadopoulos and his party do not seem to be interested in the next generation at all, since their attention is strictly limited to the next elections,” said the Minister.

It notes that the Government seeks consensus on this national issue and in private contacts with all parliamentary parties and consideration of their proposals, in consultation with all partners, such as trade unions and employers' organizations, with meetings of the cross-party Technocratic Committee in weekly basis and consultation with the Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council.

“It is noted that the representative of the Democratic Party did not have any different / negative position during the previous five sessions of the cross-party Technocratic Committee. So we call on him and his party to act creatively and consensually like the other parties “, says Mr. Petridis.

He calls on DIKO and its President “to abandon the micropolitical expediencies in view of the pre-election parliamentary elections, away from the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience, which will help Cyprus the most and not try to punish our fellow citizens, as acted by voting against the budget, to recover from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic ”.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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