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In the Finance Committee on Monday the 5th additional budget of € 180.6 million.

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In the Finance Committee on Monday the 5th additional budget of € 180.6 million.

The fifth additional budget for 2021, amounting to € 180.6 million, will be presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Finance on Monday.

In the report to the Committee on Finance, the Ministry of Finance notes that the balance of the budget balance amounts to 0.11% and clarifies that an amount of € 156.2 million is intergovernmental transactions and therefore does not affect the budget balance.

It is noted that the total amount of the five supplementary budgets this year amounts to € 690.8 million.

Among other things, the new supplementary budget includes additional appropriations of € 94 million, which relate to additional appropriations of € 85 million to cover the increased expenditure required to pay the increased general government contribution to the GESS by the end of the year, as well as additional appropriations. appropriations of € 8.5 million to meet the increased needs for the purchase of medicines and vaccines. There was also a need for additional appropriations of € 30 million to finance the National Solidarity Fund due to incorrect accounting in 2019.

The supplementary budget also includes appropriations of € 3.7 million due to increased migration flows and increased applications for asylum and international protection, which are accepted by the Social Welfare Services. In particular, these credits are expected to cover the cost of material accommodation and accommodation in hotels and other accommodation, as stated. It is recalled that the second supplementary budget provided additional appropriations of € 19 million to cover the needs arising from the increased migration flows.

The supplementary budget also includes increased appropriations to meet the needs arising for agricultural payments, environmental benefits, small infrastructure projects, increased sponsorships to the CMO, the University of Cyprus, the Rialto Theater, the needs of the National Guard. At the same time, the need to create limited jobs for the smooth operation of the state machine is covered.

These are nineteen positions, ie twelve in the external services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the transfer of the employees of the Cereals Committee to the Ministry of Agriculture (six positions) and to the Department of Public Administration and Personnel (one position) for law enforcement purposes. Cereals Committee at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Source: politis.com.cy

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