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In the hammer real estate of the Paraskevaidis family

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In the hammer real estate of the Paraskevaidis family

Two properties of the Paraskevaidis family in Greece will be put up for auction.

According to “Newmoney”, this is an office building and three more adjacent plots acquired by the company Asty SA, the hotel arm of the Paraskevaidis family in Greece, in the period 1978-79.

In the largest of the plots (383.40 sq.m.), a multi-storey commercial building of offices and shops with a total area of 1,419.33 sq.m. has been erected. The company Asty SA is based there until today.

The building, which has been closed for a long time and looks abandoned, consists of two basements of 258.89 sq.m. and 4 floors with a roof.

On the ground floor with an area of 186.82 sq.m. there are 4 stores, each with independent entrance.

The 4 floors, with a total area of 896.12 sq.m., include office space, canteens, etc. while the roof has a structured area of 33.60 sq.m. and includes the end of the stairwell, the engine room of the elevator and a warehouse.

Right next to the building, on Pyrras and Evridamantos streets, there are two other plots, even and buildable, which have been joined with a total area of 400.72 sq.m.

At the auction on December 29, with Cepal Hellas in a hurry, as manager of receivables transferred from Alpha Bank, the first bid price for the office building is € 1,402,000 and for the adjacent plot € 525,000.

The properties carry promissory notes and mortgages for loans of € 8 million and two foreclosures, most recently by Cepal Hellas on May 21, 2021.

Asty SA, was founded in October 1977 and managed the entire part of the tourist activities of the Paraskevaidis family in Greece.

Since September 2016, when the term of its Board of Directors expired, no general assembly has been convened to elect a new one.

Thus, following an appeal by Cepal with a decision of the Single Member Court of First Instance of Athens at the end of 2019, a temporary administration was appointed with Thelma Paraskevaidis as president and their members Efthyvoulos Paraskevaidis, Leonis Paraskevaidis, Ikaros Konstantinou, Christina Paraskevaidis, Georgos Dimokis and Georgios Dimakis. represent the company in urgent cases, in particular as regards the expedited enforcement proceedings against it “, as stated.

Source: www.philenews.com

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