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In the hands of the PD the report EDY- Message for reforms


The annual report of the Public Service Committee for the year 2020 was received today by the President of the Republic from the President and the members of the Committee.

Presenting the report, the President of EDY, Mr. George Papageorgiou, said, among other things, that together with the report they attach “a summary of the work done” by the Commission for the last years.

He added that “despite the difficulties due to the pandemic, we managed, due to the fact that the Office entered the era of e-government and digital transformation in time, to operate without significant loss of time. This is due to the excellent collaborators whom I thank, as well as the staff “.

Mr. Papageorgiou noted that an important element in the report is the fact that the GRECO commission studying corruption issues “also had a meeting with us and studied the background and the way the Commission works and found that the legal framework and the way it works EDY provide all the guarantees for objective meritocracy, impartial judgment in recruitment and promotions “.

Finally, the President of EDY expressed dissatisfaction with the non-voting by the Parliament, of regulations that would allow EDY to achieve much more.

For his part, the President of the Republic, after warmly thanking EDY for the work he performs, expressed his satisfaction because, as he said, “there were few protests that saw the light of day, possibly not knowing the real facts that led you in adopting some positions.

However, I will not disagree with you that if the Parliament had adopted the Public Service Reform Law, it would have made the framework even stricter, more meritocratic, so that no one would doubt the integrity and the remarkable work done by the Commission .

In the meetings I had with the leaders of the opposition parties, what they assure is that in a climate of consensus we will work together so that basic reforms, including of course the Civil Service Law, are adopted, so that the reforms we will achieve will be achieved. to have an even stricter framework and criteria to remove the last suspicion from those who maintain it, that the Public Service Commission discriminates in favor of anyone.

We had a similar phenomenon with the exams that at the beginning there were doubts, later with the passage of time it became clear that there was and there is integrity and honesty in the ranking, since no one knows who the contestant is. Everyone agrees and we have a list of information that guides the Commission on how to evaluate and who to hire for the nominees.

“With the approval of the Civil Service reform bill, I believe that there will now be – instead of everyone being excellent – depending on the score, the criterion that the Commission will take seriously.”

Finally, the President of the Republic said that at the end of the month his decisions for the new composition of EDY will be taken, after the end of the current term.

Source: www.philenews.com

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