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In the knives Lempa – Chloraka: Slaughtered for the beach “Kotsia”

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The neighboring communities of Paphos, Lemba and Chloraka have been at the forefront lately, regarding the management status of “Kotsias” beach. Behind the recent events that took place on the occasion of the complaints about the beach and the illegal interventions or the operation of the bar, unfolds the dispute of the communities that share the specific beach, which by 2/3 belongs to Chloraka. The remaining 1/3 belongs to Lempa, which also receives the revenue from its management, while Chloraka pays the lifeguards.

Chloraka submitted a specific proposal for the development of the beach and in fact plans are being prepared for the construction, among others, of a cafeteria. For its part, however, Lempa, in addition to the beds and umbrellas that it rents to a private individual, also gave permission for a refreshment room, which was recently closed by the District Administration, because it did not have licenses to operate and sell alcoholic beverages. In fact, complaints had been made about the refreshment room by the Ecologists' Movement because, among other things, the health protocols were not observed.

The mayor of Chloraka, Nikolas Liasidis, claims that some people do not want the cooperation of the two communities and the substantial development of the beach. However, he added, the community council of Chloraka is determined to proceed with the planning, even if it concerns the part of the beach that belongs to the community. Meanwhile, two days ago, crews of the District Administration proceeded to the demolition of a makeshift bridge in the area of “Kotsia” which had been illegally erected by the community of Chloraka earlier. Complaints about the bridge had been made by the Ecologists' Movement and the Environmental Club of the community.

Welcoming the action of the District Administration, the Ecologists' Movement claims that it caused problems in biodiversity, and in particular in the viability of the eel that is found in the area and is threatened with extinction. The Ecologists' Movement expresses its satisfaction with the implementation of the demolition decree and, as it notes, hopes that procedures will be launched to execute other demolition decrees – which, unfortunately, he says, remain unfulfilled. For the rescue of the eels, however, there are estimates that the demolition of the bridge may accelerate their extinction, because the bridge held a quantity of water and created a small lake in the area where the eels found refuge.


Although the plans for the beach “Kotsia” are delayed due to the dispute with Lemba, the creation of a beach for bathers in Alytzia of Chloraka is also in the process of implementation. The Minister of Transport confirmed to the community council of the community that the process is proceeding normally to offer the work of construction of five breakwaters. According to the mayor of Chloraka, the offers are expected to be published in September and this, as he mentioned, is the first step to complete the wider design of the beach. Specifically, the community council of Chloraka plans the configuration of the land area with a restaurant, refreshment room, public toilets, beach courts, playground, outdoor gym, as well as the creation of two new parking lots for which two Turkish Laura “and is rented by Mr. Chlorakas for this purpose. Another parking lot will be added to a public space adjacent to the Eleni Hotel. It is also planned to build a boat ramp and create a special parking lot for the needs of its users.

Source: politis.com.cy

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