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In the middle of lockdown, 25 certificates are requested from EEE recipients

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In the middle of lockdown, 25 certificates are requested from EEE recipients

Not one but 25 certificates will have to be submitted, in the midst of a lockdown, by the beneficiaries of the Minimum Guaranteed Income (EEE) in order to continue receiving the benefit. On December 30, 2020, the Welfare Benefit Management Service of the Ministry of Labor sent a letter to citizens receiving an EIO, inviting them to submit a series of certificates and attestations to the head of the service, in order to continue to be beneficiaries.

In particular, they must submit the relevant documents within 20 days from the day they received the letter. Due to the New Year holidays, the majority of citizens received the letters after January 4. Therefore, they will have to submit the relevant data by the 24th of the month, however the lockdown is difficult for some applicants. This is because in order to secure all the relevant certificates and attestations they will have to visit various government departments, with which, due to the restrictive measures taken to stop the coronavirus, they will have to make an appointment.

In fact, in some cases, applicants will have to provide the relevant information for the rest of their family, which makes the process even more difficult and time consuming. Many citizens have already contacted the competent service of the Ministry of Labor asking for more time to secure the data, as due to the measures they will not be able to submit everything within the deadline.

According to information, the Ministry of Labor intends to remove the 21 days of the lockdown from the deadline given to the applicants. That is, if someone submitted the letter on the 4th of the month, they will be able to submit the data until February 14th. What is impressive, however, is that many of the required certificates are already in the possession of the competent ministry.


Source: www.philenews.com

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