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In the next Plenary Session the new decision of publication of the “Giorkatzi list”

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In the next Plenary Session the new decision of publication of the

In the next Plenary Session of the Parliament, the decision for publication of the list of non-performing loans (NPLs) of politically exposed persons (PEP), also known as the “Giorkatzi list”, will be re-submitted.

At today's meeting of the Ad hoc parliamentary committee for RDPs, the Speaker of Parliament, Adamos Adamou, re-appointed and took the authority of all present members of the committee (absent representative of DISY) to submit the decision to the Plenary, while all the parties were in favor of the disclosure, including AKEL.

It is recalled that the previous decision to publish the list of Giorkatzi had been overturned since at the time of the decision the then Speaker of Parliament also presided over the Republic, a fact which, according to the opinion of the Attorney General, was unconstitutional.

“And so I will take the question again in the Plenary Session for voting and publication (of the Giorkatzi list”, said Mr. Adamou in his statements after the end of the session and added that during the session he boldly expressed, as he said, his point of view and noted that all members of the committee were in favor of disclosure.

“The proposal for publicity goes to the Plenary for a re-vote in fifteen days and from the moment it is approved then it will be made public,” he added.

Moreover, Mr. Adamou said that the Ad hoc committee said that it does not end its work with the publication of the list, as there are other open issues, such as the completion of the Auditor General's audit for KEDIPES and the issue of MPs who do not have tax file. “In conclusion, this committee is not going to interrupt its sessions or abolish itself,” he said.

Mr. Adamou expressed his intention to assign an independent committee of lawyers or auditors to conduct an independent audit of such issues, as, as he stated, members of parliament can not decide on matters concerning Parliament.

Publication of WFP letters sent by letters threatening lawsuits

Besides, speaking before the committee, Mr. Adamou reiterated that the authorization of the Plenary aims to protect himself as an individual from possible lawsuits of persons included in the list.

He said that with the decision to make the list of Giorkatzi public, he intends to make public the letters he received from a member of Parliament and another state official warning him with lawsuits for breach of personal data, as he said.

He even noted that the official in question informed him that his debts had been settled and demanded that his name be removed from the list. All parties were in favor of the referral of the draft new decision to the Plenary Session and in favor of the publication.

On behalf of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou reiterated that the list is rough, incomplete and incorrect, but added that as far as things go, he is in favor of publicity, despite the fact that an initial vote did not take place. He noted, however, that the list “has now been wrongly turned into a stone of transparency” and that “it will expose all corruption and those who do not want publicity are thieves and liars.”

He called, however, for Parliament to have the same demands and put the same pressure for transparency from the executive and cited the issue of law firm data and the number of naturalizations as an example, criticizing the government for lying that these data violate personal data.

The President of the Citizens' Alliance, George Lillikas, was in favor of publishing the list and asked that the issue of RDPs that do not have a tax file be examined. He said he had seen the light of day, a finding that five MPs did not have a tax file.

Solidarity MP Michalis Giorgallas also spoke in favor of the publication, saying that there is no choice. On the occasion of the debate on the desire, he said that an independent mechanism should be set up by the Parliament to examine the desire and the MES, as well as tax issues of the deputies.

Advocating for the publication of the list, the environmentalist MP George Perdikis also asked for the continuation of the work of the ad hoc committee to examine the issues of KEDIPES, adding that there is an admission of the central banker that “there are indeed lists in the CBC file for debt relief” . “I think we are forced to continue not to send the message to society that we have deliberately covered them up,” he said.

ELAM MP Linos Papagiannis also spoke in favor of a new decision by the Plenary and in favor of immediate publication.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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