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In the polls, the teachers elect the new leadership of POED-The challenges and the open issues

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Teachers are headed to the polls, who are expected to vote for the new leadership of POED, with the election having its own significance, given that the representatives of the organization for the coming years are to be chosen. An election contest that is held at a critical time for Primary Education, since there are several issues that remain open and the new leadership will have to undertake them.

The election contest for the National Education Agency takes place at a time when Primary Education faces a series of open issues, for which the current leadership has prioritized, while on the part of the Ministry of Education, various initiatives have been taken that put Primary Education at the center, the main one being the new operating regulations of Primary Schools that were voted last April.

Essentially, the new leadership of the FOED will be called upon to manage the implementation of the new regulations and to guide the school managements, so that the operation of the primary schools is smooth at the beginning of the year. This is one of the reasons why the summer is predicted to be hot for the teachers' organization.

In addition to this, the new leadership of POED must also deal with perennial issues that concern the organization, such as the issue of timely staffing of schools, an issue that comes to the surface every summer, since the Ministry of Education is called upon to announce its decisions on the specific issue in time and before September, so that the teachers know in which unit they will serve in the new year and can submit an objection in case there is a serious reason, not to accept their appointment. The issue of school staffing is one of the sensitive issues, as it has been a point of friction between teachers and the Ministry of Education several times, with the former often firing back for delays and limited timetables.

One of the other open issues that the new leadership will be asked to manage is one that has occupied the public debate quite a bit in recent weeks and concerns the issue of replacements. The FOED had put before Athena Michailidou her request and proposal, in an attempt to find the golden ratio and solution, however so far there is no response from the Ministry, with the teachers giving time credit to the authorities, however it is not excluded any dynamic reaction if there is no response.

At the same time, the new leadership of POED will have to manage the dialogue on the Optional All-Day School, regarding the position of the Ministry of Education that wants to be implemented from the start of the school year until the last day of classes. Although the dialogue on the specific issue is at a fairly good stage and both sides appear willing to implement it, however, the discussions have not yet come to a conclusion.

In the meantime, with the start of the school year, the legislation passed by the Parliament to extend the mandatory downward extension of Pre-Primary will come into force, which means that public kindergartens will also have to accept children aged 4.5 years. This means that more departments will have to operate, so there will be a need to employ more Pre-Primary and Primary Education teachers. However, the organization was in favor of the legislation in question and what the new leadership is required to do is to monitor the way the legislation is implemented.

Another issue that still plagues public education is the issue of air conditioners. At the beginning of the current school year, both the President of the Republic and the Minister of Education announced in front of the students that the installation was going to begin immediately in a portion of school units, based on criteria determined after a relevant study. The process of installing the air conditioners is ongoing, since as it was known it will be completed in three years, with the teachers awaiting relevant information from the Ministry of Education.

< b>How the leadership will be elected

It is noted that in said elections more than 7,000 voters-teachers of Primary, Pre-Primary and Special Education will vote, who will choose the 100 general representatives, who will be the faculty of POED for the next four years. The election in question is expected to be held based on the organization's New Statute.

The leadership of the organization is expected to be judged based on the percentages that each faction will receive, since the faction that receives the most votes will be the faction that will elect the president. In the last two contests, PADED-Protoporia, which had elected Filios Phylaktos as the president of POED, from 2017-July 2020 (he had resigned because he submitted a candidacy for the 2021 parliamentary elections), finished first. Rhea Papageorgiou, who had taken over for a short time, until October 2020 when Myria Vassiliou was also elected president, who is running for presidency again.

The faction that will finish second will receive the position of secretary general of the organization, which is the second in rank and in the last two contests it was AKIDA, which entrusted Haris Charalambous with this specific position, who is re-claiming and the third faction will receive the position of vice president, which in the last two contests was Progressive and had elected Apostolos Skouroupatis, who is also re-contesting.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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