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In the streets, the residents of Alaminos-Fonazan are calling for the transfer of a poultry farm to the area

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In the morning, residents of the communities of Alaminos, Menogeia, Kofinos and Anafotia held a protest event for the transfer of a large poultry farm from Limassol to Alaminos.

In his statements, Frixos Hasikos, Alaminos Alaminos Mayor, said that the residents of the area “gathered and are protesting that a private person who owns a poultry farm and slaughterhouse in Polemidia should not be given permission to move it to our area due to the stench that will be caused”. “When the north or west wind blows, there will be an unbearable stench in the communities of Alaminos, Mennogeia, Kofinos and Anafotia”, he said.

He added that “this cannot be tolerated”, explaining that “near in the poultry farm he has houses and people will not be able to go out on his terraces”.

“We will not allow the poultry farm to be built here, we will fight with all the weapons we have and today we are protesting to prevent the evil,” he said, adding that “the property that the private person is supposed to get for the poultry farm is carpet and the government together with the Land Registry Department, they are trying to give it to him”.

Charalambos Milas, a resident of the area, said that he is a refugee from Gialousa and has been living in the area for years and added that “now they will make us refugees again. I made my home here and now they are trying to destroy me, make me a refugee again and we are trying to prevent the chicken farm”. me while the olives are destroyed”.

For his part, Nikolas Nikolaou, a member of the Alaminos Community Council said that “today we gathered to prevent the creation of a stench unit for our community”. According to him, “the Alaminos area is proposed for a residential zone, since it is a tourist area, there is a hotel unit and we cannot bring livestock properties into a tourist area”.

Hopefully, he continued, “that the chicken farm will not be moved to our area and that the government will reverse its decision so that Alaminos is a clean and touristic community”.

In addition, the resident of the area, Charalambos Dimitriou, said he is 80 years old and did not leave his village, while he suggested “instead of building a chicken farm in the area, they should cut plots of land and let the government give them to poor young couples to build”. “We own our property here and it is not possible for the poultry farm to come to Alaminos from Limassol,” he concluded.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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