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In the summer, the “pay as I fly” program is implemented in Aradippou

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Today was held at the House of Historical and Folklore Archive of the Municipality of Aradippou, the final presentation and evaluation of the approach to the specific program

At the beginning of summer, the program “Establishment of a Sorting System at Source and Separate Collection of Recyclable and Organic Waste and Implementation of a Pay As You Throw (POP) System” with a prepaid bag is being implemented in the Municipality of Aradippou and the Communities of Trulli, Kelli and Kosi.

The final presentation and evaluation of the approach to the specific program took place today at the Historical and Folklore Archives of the Municipality of Aradippos.

In his statements, the Mayor of Aradippou, Evangelos Evangelidis, said that the specific program has been promoted in the Municipality for four years and he expressed his satisfaction because, as he said, “after the consents and efforts we made, finally the Pay As I Fly program is being implemented near us and will be a model for all the Municipalities”.

As the Mayor explained “there will be a separate sorting of the dogs, i.e. recyclables, mixed and organic, which will be processed organically. We hope that with the operation of the new factory in Kosi and with the processing of recyclable materials, they will ultimately bring a better quality of life to the citizens”.

Besides, Elena Stylianopoulou, from the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment described “the program presented today as very special, since the study for the implementation of the Pay as I Fly Program in the Municipality of Aradippou is completed. The Municipality of Aradippou together with the Department of Environment tried and we continue to try to implement the specific program in its entirety”.

He added that “the Municipality of Aradippou is the first Municipality to implement this program and it is the first sign that we are moving towards the separate collection of waste as are our obligations, according to European Legislation. I consider it to be a very important principle and we expect the rest of the Municipalities and Communities of Cyprus to follow”.

In response to a related question, Ms. Stylianopoulou said that “the project has started for some months, within the framework of the Life IP Size Zero Waste integrated program. Our goal was to work with the Municipality of Aradippou as a pilot integrated program to also have a model that we can then implement or have experiences to implement for the other Municipalities as well”.

He also noted that “the goal is to start its implementation in the coming months, i.e. June, July if everything goes well and with the supply of the necessary equipment”.

On her part, Dr. Maria Loizidou, a professor at the National Technical University of Metsov, said that “we are participating in this European Program together with the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture and we have the responsibility to carry out an integrated waste management in Cyprus. We started two years ago and the Pay as I Fly program has started to be prepared”.

Today he continued “we are in Aradippou to be the first Municipality to start sorting at the source, to a large extent, in order to have the zero waste disposal in landfills. Therefore, this program gives us the impetus, together with another program that the Ministry of Agriculture has, to start this whole process with the aim of reducing waste management and not increasing the cost of waste management as it sounds”.

Dr. Loizidou also mentioned that “we are here to contribute significantly and the citizens to help because if they do not recycle the costs, the costs will be high because we will have the burial fees. Therefore, it is imperative that the citizens understand that this plan is for their own good and that we have them close to us to help us”.

Source: politis.com.cy

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