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Incident at a High School in Larnaca: The mother testified, tomorrow the student

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Επεισδιο σε &Gamma ;υμνασιο στη Λαρνακα: ΚατΕθεσε η μ ητΕρα, αyριο ο μαθητorς

The Oroklini Police Station is investigating whether the phrases allegedly spoken against a foreign minor student at a school in the province of Larnaca on Wednesday, March 8, are considered racist.

As Haris Hatzigiasemi, press representative of the Larnaca Police Department, told KYPE, "after the publication of the relevant video of an incident involving violence, which took place in a high school in the province of Larnaca on Wednesday, March 8, members of the Oroklini Police Station, they went to the school to investigate the circumstances under which the incident occurred. At school yesterday, he said, the 14-year-old's mother was also there,» who appears to have been attacked by other students, who went forward to complain about the content of the leaked video.

He added that “yesterday the Police urged the mother to go to the Police Station to give a statement, which was done today, Saturday March 11.” With the help of an interpreter, the mother gave a statement, in which she stated, among other things, that she is having a good time in Cyprus and does not have any problems, adding that regarding the alleged attack on her son, she is asking the school to make observations and recommendations to the 15-year-old student , who allegedly carried out the attack».

Mr. Hatziyasemi also noted that "according to the testimony, the mother stated that she feels offended by what the students allegedly shouted at her child and wants the case investigated, whether the phrases that were thrown at her son, are considered racist”. After this development, he added, "the Police will conduct an investigation and receive statements in order to clarify whether the words allegedly thrown at the 14-year-old student are considered racist".

According to Mr. Hatzigiasemi, "Tomorrow Sunday, it has been arranged to take a videotaped statement from the minor, as is foreseen in such cases, in order to clarify the phrases allegedly thrown by other students against him. The Police is expected to investigate whether the specific phrases can be considered racist.

At the same time, the spokesperson of the Larnaca Police Department said, “the Police are investigating the incident ex officio, that is, in relation to the possibility of committing criminal offenses related to racism”. At the same time, the management of the school and based on the school's internal regulations, is proceeding with its own investigation into the circumstances under which the incident occurred. 

Source: KYPE 
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