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Increases in even chicken fillet due to Ukrainian – Raw materials boost meat prices

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The effects on the economy due to the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia began to touch Cyprus, while in the near future they are expected to become even more visible and intense and will affect every consumer. Speaking on the show Control Panel of POLITI 107.6 the secretary of the retail association (PASYLIE) Marios Antoniou He said that there are already increases in the price of meat, and the reason is because the prices of raw materials have skyrocketed. Indicatively, he brought the example of the price of wheat, which last year was bought for 200 euros per ton, while this year its purchase price is 415 euros. Similarly, barley was bought last year at 180 euros per ton, while this year it is bought at 400 euros per ton, while soybean from 380 tons per year, has jumped to 650 euros. “If we add what prevails in terms of energy and fuel, there is no category of goods that is not horizontally affected by increases.”

Chicken fillet is also more accurate

Among the meats whose price is going up or is going to go up is up to the chicken fillet. According to Mr. Antoniou, the domestic coverage amounts to 30%, with the remaining 70% coming from imports, mainly from Ukraine, Poland and Romania. Given the conditions of the war in Ukraine, the supply of chicken fillets from these countries may become difficult, so the search for suppliers from more distant destinations will cause an increase in prices that can reach up to 20% to 25%


Shortages in April

Mr. Antoniou noted that the biggest problem in relation to shortages will be observed in raw materials, since we import the largest quantities necessary for the domestic market. In Cyprus, as he said, suppliers maintain stocks of 30-40 days, so the shortages will be seen in April. The problem with countries that supply raw materials, after Russia and Ukraine being excluded for obvious reasons, is that they themselves will avoid exports, in an effort to maintain strategic reserves for the needs of their countries. >

Listen to the excerpt from Marios Antonios's intervention on the Control Panel show:

ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ 107.6 · CONTROL PANEL 15 & # 8211; 03 & # 8211; 2022 MARIOS ANTONIOU

Source: politis.com.cy

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