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“Indifferent game of two friendly clubs, they made it a war – We lost the account”

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The head of the football department of Olympiacos, Christoforos Tornaritis, complained in his statements to Cytavision after the end of the match with PAEEK. The fire went to Referee team.

“Today was an indifferent game between two friendly clubs and they managed to make it warlike. A game that was supposed to be a football celebration, they experimented with the VAR with people who may not know how to work the machines. We came here and instead of watching football, we saw the same thing again. To punish a Cypriot footballer with an ethos that I doubt if he ate a red card again in his career Makris in a phase that had no contact.

I try to speak in appropriate words not to charge the team fines but the situation was tragic. I do not know what they do. They did not give the foul, the VAR made five minutes for each phase. We lost the account. We need a lot of work. We have a 2/6 Assembly of the KOP. We are going to say it again, to say it again. With these situations, Cypriot football has no future. Unless dramatic changes are made, they will fail miserably. “

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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