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Infections have increased, but the situation in the hospitals is under control

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Concern prevails due to the increase in cases of viral infections, which, combined with the constantly increasing number of coronavirus cases in the last three weeks in the community, create a cocktail of infections, while the relevant services health authorities are on alert to avoid pressure on the health system during the winter months.

The new cases of coronavirus for the last week exceeded 3,700, while an increase in patient hospitalizations has been observed, however the picture in the Intensive Care Units is positive, since only one patient is intubated. For this reason, the authorities consider that it is still too early to have any discussion regarding the return of measures against the pandemic, even for the use of the   protective mask, but also the implementation of the action plan, for which they have been prepared from the summer. 

The eyes of the Ministry of Health are more focused on limiting the infections of the corona virus and influenza A, through the promotion of vaccination. As he said speaking to REPORTER the member of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Zoi-Dorothea Pana, the increase in infections this year was expected and in line with the ECDC model. The increase observed, according to Dr. Pana, is due to the lifting of the restrictive measures and mainly the use of the mask. “The fact that in the previous two years the world had not been exposed to other respiratory viruses, as well as the fact that during the winter period there is an outbreak of viral infections, is troubling. In fact, it is possible that this year we will not only have the corona virus, but also other infections, such as influenza A, which also affects children”, he explained.

The goal of the Ministry of Health, according to Dr. Pana, is to try to reduce the number of people who are seriously ill from all respiratory infections, including the coronavirus, so as not to strain the health system. In order to achieve this goal, Dr. Pana said, “prevention tools such as flu and covid-19 vaccines should be used, especially for people who belong to vulnerable groups. We also have medicines at our disposal, which should be given to those who need them. However, the world should know that at this stage we will not experience what we experienced at the beginning of the pandemic, but neither should we be complacent, provided that we continue to observe self-protection measures”.

Regarding the possibility of taking measures, Dr. Pana reiterated the position that there is no discussion during this period of time, stressing that measures are no longer required. “We have knowledge and experience and we must invest in them. Nobody, in this phase of the pandemic, wants measures to be taken”, he said.

At the same time, commenting to REPORTER, the increase in the number of patients in the covid- 19, the press representative of the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY), Charalambos Charilaou, said that the situation is manageable and that the fact that only one patient is in the Intensive Care Unit gives the impression that the state hospitals will not be under pressure during the winter months.

“At the moment we are entering the winter season, as every year at this time there is an increase in viral infections of the respiratory system. Mainly we have RSV for children, but also cases of gastroenteritis. What has been observed in recent days the  increased traffic to specialist doctors and pediatricians, while there is an increase in admissions,” said Mr. Harilaou, stressing that people should be careful and observe hygiene rules.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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