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Inflation fell to 1.6% in December

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Στο 1.6% επεσε ο &pi

Inflation has slowed further, according to Office for National Statistics data released today.

The consumer price index >fell to 1.6% in December, from 1.7% in November and 7.9% in December 2022.

For the period January-December 2023, the consumer price index showed an increase of 3.5% compared to the corresponding period last year.

Στο 1.6% επεσε ο πληθω ρισμός τον ΔεκΕμβριο

The biggest changein the economic categories compared to both December 2022 and the previous month was recorded in petroleum products, with percentages of -7.2% and -5.3% respectively.

Compared to December 2022, the the largest change was observed in the restaurants and hotels category (5.4%).

In relation to November 2023, the largest change was observed in the transportation category (-3.0%).

< p>For the period January – December 2023, compared to the corresponding period last year, the largest changes were presented in the categories food and non-alcoholic beverages (7.7%), restaurants and hotels (5.9 %) and housing, water, electricity and gas (5.0%).

source: Philenews

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Source: 24h.com.cy

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