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Information that Russia is preparing false “testimonies” that the Ukrainians destroyed Mariupol

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Russia in Mariupol is preparing the biggest falsification from “witness statements” that the city was destroyed by the Ukrainian army. The statement was made to Telegram by the adviser to the mayor of the city, Peter Andriushenko, broadcasts the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinfrom.

“In order to carry out such an operation, the Russian occupiers announced the submission of applications for compensation for the destruction of a house or the loss of a family member. “For the house is given compensation of 500,000 rubles (about $ 6,000), for a family member who died 3.m rubles (about $ 33,000)”, writes Andriushenko.

He clarified that the submission of applications for compensations takes place at the premises of school No9. When submitting the application, the residents of Mariupol must write by hand and obligatorily that their property was “destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers” while his relatives were “killed by the Ukrainian army”. In case the residents do not accept these conditions they will not be compensated. They themselves, under psychological pressure and cut off from any information, in the hope that they will gain some resources, submit applications with the corresponding markings.

The result of this whole operation is that Russia receives tens of thousands of personal “testimonies” of the “atrocities of the Ukrainian army”, which it will use as a means of influencing international public opinion and, of course, to broadcast them through the propaganda media channels that According to Andriushenko, in fact such compensations can not exist, as in order to fulfill these promises to the people of Mariupol, Russia will have to At least $ 2.5 billion, which is impossible given the state of the Russian economy.

aerial bombardment, eliminating cat & # 8217; in this way the consequences of their heinous criminal acts.

Russia's aggression had caused one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes in Mariupol. The city has in fact been completely destroyed.

Source: politis.com.cy

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