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Institutions Committee: They are looking for a formula for judges as well

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Institutions Committee: They are looking for a formula for judges as well

The aim of the Parliamentary Committee on Institutions, through the amendment of the laws concerning the lusts of state officials and the politically exposed persons before it, is to find the formula through the separation of powers, so that they are subject to control of lusts and the members of the judiciary, said the Chairman of the Institutions Committee Zacharias Zachariou, reiterating that the purpose of the Committee is for all relevant legislation to be passed in laws before the self-dissolution of Parliament.

Speaking at the January 27 meeting, Mr. Zachariou said that the Commission discussed the 12 amendments to the Pothen Esches legislation of the President, Ministers, Members of Parliament and other state officials and politically exposed persons before it. , said that the Commission moves in 3 axes, the use of technocrats in the control of the submitted assets, the expansion of the list of audited persons and the transparency through the simplification of the submitted forms.

He added that the amendments were aimed at entrusting technocrats with the control of MPs' assets and clarified that a committee would be appointed by Parliament to oversee Pothen Esches, which would be required to employ certified public accountants. who will be obliged to control the assets of the Members of Parliament, the Ministers, the President of the Republic and to issue a report on their control.

Continuing, Mr. Zachariou said that a discussion is underway to find a way to extend Pothen Esches to the judiciary, the Attorney General and the Assistant Attorney General, adding that a meeting with the Supreme Court will be requested to discuss this issue, because We do not want to be seen as interfering in an independent power, but at the same time we want to express civil society, which demands transparency and control over all of our finances.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Institutions Committee said that the intention of the Parliament is either to include in the laws that discuss the desire of the Judges or to include in the laws that will pass a general clause stating that all independent authorities must exercise their own control. He also made it public, adding that any other suggestion could be discussed with the Supreme Court.

Mr. Zachariou continued by stating that the Institutions Committee wants to expand the disclosure of assets of the spouses and minor children of the audited officials so that there is an overall picture.

He reminded that the publication of the above-mentioned data was included in the bill which was passed in law, but before it was passed in law, the relevant provision was removed from the Supreme Court.

He also noted that the Parliament aims to achieve uniformity in the disclosure of assets for this and will give the opportunity to technocrats to prepare a form with specific instructions so that even the ordinary citizen, who does not have specialized knowledge to be able to compare of assets.

“We consider that now it is a social requirement the complete control of our data and the full transparency”, added Mr. Zachariou.

Asked if there is a feeling that the facts and developments are pushing the judiciary to control Pothen Esches, Mr. Zachariou clarified that the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor's Office object to the adoption of legislation on the desire of judges, because there is and will be unconstitutional.

Furthermore, Mr. Zachariou pointed out that the living conditions are changing and from then until these days we experienced in the Parliament a dispute between the Supreme Court and the Attorney General, we experienced a general challenge to everyone from society and what we want is all powers, independently and without one interfering in the responsibilities of the other, to do what society deserves and demands, that is, transparency in Pothen Esches for all.

Asked about this, Mr. Zachariou said that the Institutions Committee has already announced that it intends to vote on legislation issues related to 3 findings and suggestions of Greco. He added that one concerns the Code of Conduct for MPs, the discussion of which he has completed and next week will be in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, the second is Pothen Esches and the third is the control of lobbies.

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