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Intense concern about the situation in the TAEP – Min. Health: If the measures do not work, find other solutions

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Intense concern about the situation in the TAEP - Min. Health: If the measures do not work, find other solutions

Photo snapshot from the First Aid Department of the Nicosia General Hospital, Tuesday, January 29, 2015. KYPE / KATIA CHRISTODOULOU

AKEL: “Problems can not be solved with temporary solutions”

Υπ. Health: If the measures do not work, find other solutions

If the measures taken do not work, we will try to find other solutions to serve patients in a timely manner at the TAEP, said the Minister of Health Michalis Hatzipandelas.

Asked about complaints about patient suffering, Mr. Hadjipandelas said that “this is an issue that we have seen several times. We expect some measures that have been taken to see if they will work. “If they do not work, we will try to find other solutions,” he said.

The parties express their strong concern about the very serious complaints made at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Health regarding the situation in the Accident and Emergency Departments with their announcements.

The member of K.E. AKEL, Marina Savva, with her statement notes the understaffing and the very serious shortages in beds, consumables, respirators and other equipment. He points out that “the operation of the TAEP is completely intertwined with the operation of the other departments of the hospitals. If a ward does not have enough beds, patients may have to wait tens of hours for a bed to be found in the ward that can treat them. Therefore, the strengthening of TAEP also goes through the strengthening of the other departments, so the problems cannot be solved with temporary solutions “, he adds.

He emphasizes that “this situation is a result of the criminal negligence of the Anastasiadis-Alarm government and the way in which OKYPY handles public hospitals”. “People contribute to the GESS every month to receive quality health services and finally, if they need to resort to First Aid, they face conditions that are not appropriate in a modern state, despite the efforts made by public health workers,” he added.

Ms. Savva states that “we have called dozens of times the government and the competent minister to finally deal seriously with dealing with the problems in public hospitals. We have pointed out to OKYPY dozens of times that it should focus on the substance and not on the communication management of the problems “, calling” even now “the government to take its responsibilities,” unless it decided to let the public hospitals collapse, dragging them along and GESS “he adds.

EDEK with a relevant announcement notes that it warned about the problems and re-submits its proposals, which, however, were commented in recent weeks by the OAU, which noted that they are changing the philosophy of the single insurance system.

The Movement of Ecologists – Citizens' Cooperation calls on OKYPY and the Ministry of Health to get involved in the problems. He emphasizes that there seems to be chaos in the TAEP and points out as noteworthy that within the GESS provide first aid services to public hospitals and only one private hospital. He emphasizes the need to find solutions and points out the responsibilities of the Ministry of Health “which over time allowed the problems to be stacked”.

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