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“Intense concern” expressed by EAC unions for draft decisions of CERA for RES projects

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The EAC workers' unions are deeply concerned about developments in the electricity sector and speak of a plan to bring the EAC to collapse with consumers being blamed for the losses.

In a joint statement, the unions SIDIKEK PEO, SEPAIK and SYVAIK, state that they are watching “with intense concern and concern” the developments in the electricity sector and specifically the two draft decisions of RAEK, which were put to public consultation. Specifically, for the plan for the production of electricity from RES with the final end of the integration of the projects in the competitive electricity market and for the regulation of the development of renewable energy projects for electricity generation by the EAC.

The unions refer to “wrong decisions” that do not take into account “the peculiarities of our small and electrically isolated country” and that lead to damage to all consumers on the altar of creating an Electricity Market that, instead of reducing, will increase the cost of electricity. further burdening the Cypriot consumer.

They state that, in addition to the recent draft decision of CERA that restricts the EAC to develop its own RES projects, in a letter in 2019 forbade the EAC to announce a tender for the purchase of energy from other RES producers with long-term contracts (EAC tender) . By its decision in 2021, CERA ratified this ban, it is added.

“RAEK excludes the EAC from any attempt to adapt to the market in order to reduce its costs, either by developing its own RES or by buying cheap energy from third party RES Producers”, they report. “In other words, a situation is created where some suppliers will be able to buy cheap energy, while this possibility is excluded for the EAC, since it deprives the independent producers of the right to contract with the EAC,” the announcement says.

The unions are wondering if this is the competition cited by CERA. “That is, the benefit of cheaper production does not end up in the consumer but in the pockets of specific market participants?” ask.

They emphasize that, despite the relevant interventions of the trade unions of the EAC and other bodies to correct this catastrophic course, however there was no response from CERA.

“It is clear “now, the goal of CERA is to create a 'competitive' Electricity Market for the benefit of some, to the detriment of the EAC and consequently of the Cypriot consumer”, the announcement states.

The recent letter of the Auditor General to CERA, is added, which saw the light of day, “and which correctly identifies CERA's interventions for the implementation of the EAC objectives to create a production mix for the benefit of the consumer, fully reflects the current reality

In fact, he states, at the same time that the Auditor General was requesting information on the matter, CERA issued a draft announcement for a complete ban on the EAC in the development, management and operation of projects ΑΠΕ, “thus revealing its purposes”.

The unions state that, any intervention in the Strategic Planning of the EAC to achieve its objectives and mission, nor any intervention in the EAC and its efforts to create a Production mix is ​​not acceptable for the benefit of the consumer.

They call on the State and the competent Ministries to immediately remove any obstacles and obstacles presented in the Organization's effort for proper staffing, development and competitiveness.

They also state that they are ready to defend the role of the EAC and stand by these plans.

They call on the Management and the Management of the Organization to take all those actions that protect the role of the EAC and the interests of consumers, implementing the necessary strategic decisions for the proper and healthy development of the EAC, the implementation of RES projects and the necessary staffing of the Organization, “thus dealing with the hostile environment created by third parties who are fully responsible »

The announcement is notified to the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Board Members of CERA and EAC, the The General Manager, the Director of Human Resources and Executive Directors of the EAC and the Directors of Basic Regulated Activities of the EAC.

Source: politis.com.cy

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