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Interactive TEPAK Nursing tribute

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Interactive TEPAK Nursing tribute

The Nursing Department of TEPAK performs scientific work of high quality and with international recognition , says the President of the Republic.

The nursing and obstetrics of yesterday and today in Cyprus through an interactive tribute of the Department

In order to honor the valuable work of nurses / three and midwife / midwives of our country and their enduring contribution to Cypriot society, the Faculty of Nursing Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) has created an extremely interesting interactive tribute to the history of n osileftikis and m midwife in Cyprus, under the designation 2020 as International Year of Nurses and Midwives.

The unit, which is performed through three-dimensional (3 D) virtual p l oigisis includes rich archival photographs from yesterday and today N osileftikis and m midwife in Cyprus, with pictures from the end of 19th century to today, as well as presentation of the laboratories of the Nursing Department of TEPAK. All material is posted on the University website: https://www.cut.ac.cy/faculties/hsc/nur/eortasmos/

In a video message, the President of the Republic. Nicos Anastasiades, thou warm nchairei the Nursing Department of the Technological University of Cyprus on the initiative of interactive historical background for nursing and obstetric science in Cyprus and on removes high quality, internationally renowned, scientific work he performs . “A project that supports the policies developed by the state in this field, while placing our country on the world map of recognized and documented clinical practice,” he notes.

The President also made special reference to the work of nurses and midwives in Cyprus to defend and ensure the high quality of public health as well as their contribution to the state's effort to tackle the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. “The nursing and obstetric staff of our country, together with the doctors, being on the front lines of the battle, and displaying unique self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice, emerged as the leader of our effort for successful treatment of the disease and are therefore rightly recognized as its heroes.” , points out in his message.

“Apart from the pandemic, however, they are rightly considered as the main allies and the main founders of the implementation and realization of the biggest social reform in our country, that of the General Health System”, says Mr. Anastasiadis, expressing at the same time his absolute certainty that ” our nursing and obstetric staff, through the dedication and zeal that distinguishes them, will continue to offer, generously and tirelessly, their truly invaluable services for the benefit of our fellow citizens “.

Finally, he expresses the gratitude, the support but also the full support of the state in the daily struggle and the sacrifices of all health professionals, assuring that “our primary concern remains the promotion and improvement of their working conditions”.

Interactive TEPAK Nursing tribute

In his own message, the President of the Department of Nursing, Associate Professor Andreas Charalambous states, among other things, that “really 2020 proved to be the year of the nurse and the midwife. Because if one can claim that the battle with SARS-CoV-2 was won or will be won, then this is due in large part to the heroic offer of nursing and obstetrics “.

He also states that the Nursing Department of TEPAK “as an integral part of this effort participates actively and multidimensionally in the management of the pandemic in our country. Even before our students graduated, they participated in the front line, either, for example, by conducting sampling for SARS-CoV-2, or by participating in the tracking of positive incidents, or in acts such as those in which encapsulates the true meaning of nursing science. The selfless offer to the person without calculating any cost “.

Dr. Christiana Nikolaou, a member of the academic staff of the Department, in her own message-welcome, states that “the Department of Nursing promises to continue with undiminished zeal and enthusiasm to develop scientists who will meet the needs of Cypriot society always guided by excellence, research documentation and innovation, professionals who will serve the values, arts and science of nursing and obstetrics conscientiously and with dedication to health promotion, disease prevention, health restoration and pain relief.

In his message, the Mayor of Limassol Mr. Nikos Nikolaidis states, among other things, that “the presence of TEPAK in Limassol has given special emphasis to the quality of life in our city all these years with young people and scientific staff. The School of Health Sciences in particular, enhanced the quality of care in our country with competent graduates “.

The President of the Pancyprian Association of Nurses and Midwives (PASYNM) Mr. Ioannis Leontiou, the President of the Nursing and Obstetrics Council of Cyprus Mrs. Theofano Papastefanou and the President of the Midwifery / Obstetrics Committee of PASYNM Mrs. Stella Plyta Leontiou, while the message of the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the occasion of World Nurses Day was also displayed.

The tribute is under the high protection of the President of the Republic of Cyprus , and is carried out in collaboration with the Council of Nurses / three and Midwives / Obstetricians of Cyprus, the Pancyprian Association of Nurses / three and Midwives / Obstetricians, as well as the Pattiheio Historical Archive and Studies of the Pattiheio Municipal Museum.

The Nursing Department of TEPAK is a national reference point for Nursing education in Cyprus . With only thirteen years of life, the work of the Department is internationally recognized, since for three consecutive years, the Academic Ranking of World Universities, otherwise known as the Shanghai List, ranks the Department in positions 100-150 with the best Nursing Departments internationally, from which only 58 at European level from 15 countries, putting Cyprus high on the international map.

Source: www.philenews.com

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