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Interactive whiteboards as technological resources in the quiver of schools and private tutoring

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Teaching and training spaces have changed radically in the last twenty years.

Οι διαδραστικ οπiνακες ως τεχνολογικεφoδια στ&eta? κoν φροντιστηρiων

The period when a blackboard and some chalks were enough is now a thing of the past, with the conditions and needs of the time commanding modernization and the integration of new technological solutions in schools and private tutoring centers. Even the projectors that exist in classrooms tend to be seen as an outdated solution.

The advance of technology in the field of education is progressing at a rapid pace, serving the needs of the modern market. The digital revolution is now a fact and makes the new learning processes much more attractive, interactive and certainly more interesting for everyone.

Students become familiar with the daily use of technological applications and devices from a very young age, they learn to use the internet in a variety of ways, while smart phones are an extension of their hand. Anything static and “old-fashioned” does not attract their interest. Therefore, the investment and further upgrading of the technological infrastructure of a school or even a private tutoring school can only be considered as a comparative advantage by parents and students.

Upgrading the learning experience with interactive tables

Technological solutions available for use by private tutors and schools (private and public), such as interactive whiteboards, can make a difference and change things for the better, giving a sense of upgrading the services provided and teaching methods to each student. Without complex setup and usage processes, interactive whiteboards enable teachers to navigate through a multitude of applications using the web and teach using one… touch screen, leaving chalks and markers behind forever.

Interactive screens offer a wide range of possibilities to students as well, allowing them to be more involved in the lesson, from wherever they are, inside or outside the classroom. Through the provided applications, students come into direct contact with the board by touching, drawing or simply writing on it. The interactive whiteboard also provides immediate feedback to the student, thus facilitating the process of monitoring their progress.

In addition to the aforementioned, the interactive board can also be used as a tool to integrate different learning methods that suits each child, providing the necessary solutions to children who either prefer the auditory and visual process or direct contact and touch. This combination, coupled with the fact that instant access is provided, in real time, to an inexhaustible reservoir of information and teaching tools (eg videos, online games and applications, movies, music, Powerpoint presentations, graphics, etc. .) further enhances the learning experience, offering children the opportunity to learn in an easier and more fun way.

Marios Kyprianou of NEDECO Electronics Ltd, which has many years of experience in providing technological solutions, highlighted that “the technological upgrade of all infrastructures at the level of education further strengthens the quality provision of knowledge and services”. At the same time he sent the message that “interactive whiteboards are an ideal solution for the education sector, as they save costs and time for those who trust them”.

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