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Interest in Science and Technology Park

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Interest in Science and Technology Park

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The issue of the creation of a Science and Technology Park in Cyprus was raised under the microscope of the Parliamentary Energy Committee.

During today's meeting it was said that there is interest from investors, while it was mentioned that the Government and specifically the Commission from representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Finance and the Ministry of Innovation are studying ways to be able to re-announce the project.

Members of the Energy Committee of the Parliament stressed after the session the need to create a Technology Park, for the development of innovation and research, areas as they said in which Cyprus lags significantly.

It is reminded that in recent years there have been discussions for the creation of the Technology Park in the area of Pentakomo.

The Chairman of the Committee and Member of Parliament for DISY, Kyriakos Hatzigianni, called on the Ministries involved to coordinate, to come out in offers and to accept proposals and offers from the interested investors, who will then create growth prospects based on their own capabilities or on the basis of market opportunities.

He said the issue should be discussed further, noting that a timetable was set for the meeting.

“We believe that Cyprus can not have its own Technology Park, while other countries have and operate Technology Parks, giving headquarters and ground to innovative companies and initiatives,” he said.

AKEL MP, Costas Costa, stated that his party emphasizes once again how necessary the Technology Park is for the development of innovation and research, “sectors in which we are significantly behind and whose development will give thousands of jobs to unemployed young people and a boost to the economy “.

He expressed the hope that “the government has a sincere intention this time, to finally proceed with this very important project.”

He said that the previous two governments had decided to create this Park in the District of Limassol and specifically in the area of Pentakomou, where the land had been found and the relevant planning had been prepared, to note that “the current government has decided to abandon the planning for creation of the Park in Pentakomo, a decision which was subsequently revoked on 7/29/2015, after the strong reactions of the MPs and the organized bodies of Limassol “.

He went on to say that “on 29/3/2016 he addressed an open public invitation to companies active in the fields of information and communication technology, energy, nanotechnology, health and biopharmaceuticals, agriculture and environmental nutrition and water”, adding that sixteen serious and international companies of innovation and research, were then interested “.

“There were extensions in the submission of bids, due to lack of interest, submission of a single bid which was rejected by the Ministry and then re-announcement of the tender on 11/5/2017, which ended on 3/7/2017, without unfortunately being submitted “No offer, due to the terms of the offer, which the government refused to change”, said Mr. Costa.

He also said that the government then canceled the project, removing from the state budgets the funds for the creation of infrastructure up to the Park area, to note that “from then until today, both we as a party and other parties as and Limassol EBE, we call on the Government to study incentives to attract serious, reputable and reliable investors from abroad, which it should incorporate in a new call for expressions of interest, which should be made as soon as possible and change its position for cancellation. project “.

“Nothing has been done so far. “We wonder if on this serious issue, for which the government has found a comprehensive plan and which it has thrown away, it does not want to proceed because of expediencies, perhaps even interests,” he concluded.

Source: www.philenews.com

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