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Interview with Andreas Mavrogiannis on “P” – We are not sufficiently rational in the management of the Cyprus issue

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Interview with Andreas Mavrogiannis on

The Greek Cypriot negotiator in the Cyprus issue, Mr. Andreas Mavrogiannis, considers that the verbal statement of the President of the SA about Varosi is strong, but he has no illusions. The problem, he says, remains because despite the binding nature of Security Council resolutions, the dimension of coercion to compliance is missing, which is necessary when the recipient, in our case Turkey, is indifferent to legality. At the same time, Mr. Mavrogiannis does not see anything wrong with the return of the people of Varosi temporarily under t / c administration, provided that the status of their property and the future of Famagusta are not affected. Do not give the impression that with the return of some everything is good and holy, he says. He also answered the question of the credibility of our side and admitted that, either due to the awkwardness of our side or for reasons of displacement of Turkey, there is an international impression that the Republic of Cyprus is behaving unreliably in the Cyprus issue. We need to convince on this issue, he says.

“I am very worried that if something is not done yesterday, very soon it will be too late for both Famagusta and the solution of the Cyprus problem,” you said weeks ago. “Very soon”, after all, were Erdogan's announcements?

To be precise, no. Erdogan's announcements are another step on the road. The process has been going on for years and has just accelerated. Everything is part of broader designs and methods.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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