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Investigations for a prison guard who hides prisoners' mobile phones in the Central Prisons

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Investigations for a prison guard who hides prisoners' mobile phones in the Central Prisons

Investigators in the case of the murder of Andreas Evangelos, committed in Larnaca last December, are trying to verify the information regarding the involvement of a prison guard who provides assistance to inmates for hiding mobile phones in the Central Prison. As it is known, the Police presented a testimony in the court last Friday, during the pre-trial detention of the four suspects, according to which the accused George Christodoulou Zavrantonas communicated through video calls from the Central Prison with other persons, who are considered suspicious. .

The information regarding the possession and use of a mobile phone by the 45-year-old inmate inside the Central Prison is confirmed on the basis of a second information held by the investigators, which states that during the operations carried out by the Police inside the prisons to execute search warrants, Upon the arrival of the members of the Police, a specific guard is notified, who collects the mobile phones of the inmates who are inside their cells. Therefore, in the context of the investigations carried out to investigate the murder case of Andreas Evangelos, the Police are expected to evaluate the plans from the closed surveillance circuits that cover the premises of the Central Prison which have been received, in order to verify the information detainee in concealing cell phones of inmates.

At the same time, the examinations continue, in collaboration with the staff of the Central Prison Department, to search for mobile phone devices and SIM cards that the Police believe were used inside the Central Prison by the said defendant. For this purpose, requests for legal assistance are expected to be sent to the companies-operators of the online chat applications whatsapp, viber and telegram, which seem to have been used by the suspects in the Evangelos case for their conversations.

As for the mobile phones and electronic devices that were received during the scanning investigations that took place last Thursday night (3/2) in the homes and premises of those arrested in the city and province of Larnaca, they will be examined by the Forensic Electronics Laboratory Data of the Police Headquarters and decrees will be issued to reveal the content of private communication. The Police will seek the issuance of a new decree disclosing the telecommunications data of the suspects, based on new information that has emerged. At the same time, in the context of the investigation of this serious case, specialized examinations are being carried out on the digital material found on the telephones of two of the detained suspects, in order to cross-reference the locations in relation to video, video and audio files, which investigators hope to show the place where the pistol, the motorcycle and other items related to the murder of Andreas Evangelos are hidden.

We remind you that the son of the latter, Ioannis Evangelou, testified as a prosecution witness in the trial that is being held in the Larnaca Criminal Court, which concerns a serious drug case with Zavrantonas as the accused. However, all four suspects detained by decrees of the Larnaca District Court (the three were remanded in custody for eight days, the fourth for four) deny any involvement in the case of A. Evangelos.

Source: politis.com.cy

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