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Investigations into Falgiali's murder continue in occupied areas – The widow's message

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Investigations into Falgiali's murder continue in occupied areas - The widow's message

The “police” continues with care and in detail the investigations to find out the murder of the Turkish businessman, Khalil Falgiali and his driver and the perpetrators will be arrested soon, said the “interior minister”, Koutlou Evren, while the Ersin Tatar, speaking at a news conference this morning with “Prime Minister” Suzuoglu, the “commander” of the “security forces” and the “chief of police”, said that “law enforcement officers have a duty to protect public order and ensure security. of the people”.

In the occupied territories, the debate on security issues has already begun, as it is the second incident in a week against a businessman with mafia connections. Writer Ali Baturai wrote to Humber Cyprus that no one can be quiet when people are walking down the street and being shot. Nor is it permissible, he added, to say that he had enemies, they would “eat” him and consider it normal.

“They are about to turn the pseudo-state into a mafia field,” Jenk Mutluyakali said in an article in Yeni Duzen. This structure, cut off from the world, is doomed to darkness, built on lawlessness, it is the backyard of organized crime, he adds.

Ersin Tatar, the “president” announced, said that the “security forces” are working selflessly to bring the perpetrators to justice. “The safety of the people is paramount,” he said.

With an emotional message to the MKD, the wife of the murdered Ozge Tasker Falgiali announces the funeral of Khalil Falgiali tomorrow, Thursday in the Coma of Gialos in Karpasia. “You will always be with us. Let your place be bright, your place be paradise. You are where my heart beats. You are always with us, we will miss you very much. “I know that wherever we are, we will be together.”

Khalil Fallali's father-in-law, Mehmet Tasker, told Jenny Duzen that as a family they want to shed light on the case. “Cyprus should not have experienced such a thing. This is not Cyprus. “

Murat Ozcelik, one of the directors of Falgial's operations, spoke of “fraudulent and treacherous murder” that must be clarified immediately. The arrest of the perpetrators is not only our request, but the request of the whole society, he added.

The president of the Turkish Cypriot Bar Association, Essentagil, stated that “we cannot feel the presence and security of the state roof above us”. The “state”, he said, can not ensure the safety of citizens, people “are killed in the middle of the street, in front of the eyes of their families.”

Turkish investigator and journalist Timur Soikan in an article in MKD republished by Yeni Duzen mentions three possibilities for Faljali's murder, behind which he believes there is something “dark”, considering that this murder is not only about underworld but “a war will break out in the upper world.”

He considers three reasons for the murder: the illegal purchase of bets worth 100 billion TL in Turkey, the record of blackmail held by Falgiali and thirdly, drug trafficking. He notes that after the ban on electronic betting in Turkey, the pseudo-state has become the “paradise” of this type of betting and Falgiali was the great in this field having licenses to operate such offices. Not only in the occupied territories, he says, but also in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Malta.

The amount currently being traded through illegal betting in Turkey, he notes, is estimated at 100 billion TL. The black money, he writes, that Falgiali earned was not shared.

Recalling that Sedat Peker, a Turkish mafia boss, had said in a video that Falayali's files had passed into his hands, the Turkish journalist believes that the murder may have taken place because someone wanted the files with which the Turkish businessman could he blackmails politicians and others or – he adds – maybe someone who was blackmailed by Falgali wanted to kill him.

Soakin finally mentions that the US has been investigating Falgali since 2015 for his links to drug trafficking and again notes the statements of Packer that he collaborated with Erkam Gildirim to transport a large amount of hard drugs from Venezuela. In a court in Virginia in the USA, according to the Turkish journalist, there is a case that concerns the transport of drugs by air from Cyprus to Britain but also the transport of cocaine from Mersin to the occupied territories.

Source: politis.com.cy

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