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Investments of 37 million in agriculture and animal husbandry – What they concern

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& nbsp & nbspAngelos Nikolaou & nbsp; & nbsp;

An amount of € 37 million will be allocated to farmers in 2022, under the three investment measures announced by the Rural Development Program. This is the announcement of two investment measures of the RDP related to the modernization and competitiveness of our agriculture and one concerning the financial support of farmers affected by the fire of the summer of 2021. & nbsp;

Specifically, measure 4.1 “Investments in agricultural and livestock holdings” was announced with a total call amount of € 30 million, as well as measure 6.1 “First establishment of young farmers” with a call amount of € 5 million. In addition, another investment measure was announced. 5.2, which is related to the support of investments for the restoration of the agricultural production potential of the holdings that were affected by the fires of last summer. This measure has a total amount of € 2 million and provides for the provision of financial assistance of up to 100% of the costs to be incurred by the affected farmers. & Nbsp;

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One of the most important measures announced in 2022 is 4.1 “Investments that improve the overall performance and viability of livestock farms”, due to its financial weight, since it receives a significant percentage of public expenditure of the Rural Development Program 2014-2020, also because of its importance, as it aims directly at improving the competitiveness of agricultural products and the improvement of technology and mechanization of production on livestock farms. It also aims to modernize and upgrade environmental pig farms, dairies, poultry farms/poultry slaughterhouses and sheep and goat farms, by encouraging investment in infrastructure construction and sound environmental management. of Scheme 4.1 is € 30 million. Of which: • € 4 million relates to Category A and small investments, • € 15 million to Category B1 and investments in sheep and goat farming and • € 11 million to Category B2 and other priority areas.

Category A – Small investments & nbsp;

Under measure 4.1, investments are provided in the area of ​​Tillyria and in areas with an altitude of 400 meters and above. More specifically, it seeks to promote and encourage investments in mandora restructuring, locust bean farming, smart farming, energy efficiency and RES investments, circular economy, active protection systems and modern sustainable sustainable agricultural production. favorable effects on the environment and climate, which will help to make the agricultural sector more competitive, sustainable and sustainable. & nbsp;

Scheme 4.1 in the Rural Development Program 2014-2020, amounts to 400 thousand euros (600 thousand for young farmers participating in Scheme 6.1). & Nbsp;

Category B1- Investments in sheep and goat farms & nbsp; b>

Investments in sheep and goat farming seek to restructure sheep and goat farming, as well as increase the production of raw and sheep milk. It is noted that the simple fattening of sheep and goats as a productive sector is not eligible. & Nbsp;

Eligible sectors are sheep and goat farming (only as directly related to sheep and goat farming), but the purchase of buildings, the purchase of used machinery and equipment, costs related to the purchase and planting of annual plants, agricultural production rights, land, payment rights, animals, annual plants and their planting, Value Added Tax (VAT) and farm workers as well as family work.

Category B1 covers applications with an amount of aid up to 300 thousand euros (400 thousand euros for young farmers). The minimum investment amount is set at 15 thousand euros for mountainous areas and 30 thousand euros for other areas. & Nbsp;

Category B2 – Promoted special purpose actions

< p> • Relocation of nuisance premises (construction of new premises). & nbsp;

• Construction of Desalination Units (Individual and Group), for own water consumption. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

• Investments in infrastructure related to Livestock Waste Treatment and Management. & nbsp;

• Investments in rabbit, mushroom, poultry, arable crops, beekeeping and high-income vegetable and fresh aromatic plantations in network gardens at altitudes up to 400 meters above sea level. p> • Investments concerning the newly arrived farmers of the 2nd Announcement of measure 6.1.

• Investments concerning the farmers who were affected by the fire that broke out on July 3 and affected the 10 communities of the provinces of Larnaca and Limassol and other actions.

Measure to rehabilitate farmers from fires & nbsp;

This measure is characterized as one of the important ones of the Rural Development Program 2014 – 2020 and is applied for the restoration of the agricultural productive potential that was affected by natural disasters and catastrophic events. The measure was activated after the catastrophic fires that broke out in the summer of 2021, in order to contribute to the immediate support for the restoration of the agricultural potential of the affected farmers from the four fires that broke out on 16/6/2021 in the communities of Agia Marina Xyliatou and Platanas , on 26/06/2021 in the communities of Koili and Tala, on 3/7/2021 in the communities of Arakapa, Eptagonia, Akapnou, Dieronas, Odos, Oras, Melini, Sykopetra, Agioi Vavatsinia and Vavatsinia and on 19/09/2021 in the communities Giolou, Simou, Drymou and Drynia.

The maximum total amount of aid is set at € 350 thousand and the minimum investment amount is set at € 500. In addition, the aid calculates and offsets any other compensation paid to the victims which does not relate to the loss of income. & nbsp;

Support for & nbsp; young farmers

Recognizing the problem of aging and non-renewal of the generations of the rural population, it becomes clear the need to provide financial support to young people who want to join and be active in the primary sector with sustainable farms. & Nbsp;

Through Measure 6.1 of the Rural Development Program strengthens the first establishment of young farmers, ensuring the long-term future of the agricultural profession and facilitating the entry of new entrants aged 18 to 40 years (including the 40th year), who wish to be active in the agricultural sector heads of holdings.

The total amount to be allocated under the second call for measures is € 5 million. & nbsp;

submission together with the application and the business plan which will prove an improvement of the initial situation. The business plan must be a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 4 years. & Nbsp;

The first installment is 60% of the total amount and the second and last installment 40% of the total amount, after the correct implementation of the business plan.

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