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Iran's critical role both in the Middle East and in the war in Ukraine

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The official statement of four sources to Reuters confirming that Moscow is now also receiving long-range missiles from Tehran again creates new data in the fields of Ukraine.

Tehran has sent four different shipments of long-range ballistic missiles from sea and air to Moscow since early January, according to four different Iranian sources. After the thousands of drones that Iran has already supplied, and with which Russian forces have been striking Ukrainian positions throughout the summer, the facts on the battlefields are changing again shortly before the war enters its third calendar year.

This particular news is not only about changes on the battlefields where Moscow is unable to produce large quantities of its own weapons due to the sanctions, but also about changes at the diplomatic level, where now the pieces in the “puzzle of evil' are clustered in both the Middle East and Ukraine. With this move, Tehran is certain to have secured from Russia a multiple agreement in the event that the US or Israel decide that Iran must enter the framework of military operations in the near future.

This particular development does not seem to “frighten” the Oval Office at the moment, but it is a fact that with the turn things are taking, the USA sooner or later regardless of the person who will be President will have to make a very critical decision, similar with the one they were called to take against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Tehran's involvement may not be “flashy” and may not attract the attention of public opinion in the West, but the fact that for at least the last five years there has not been the slightest picture of Iran's arsenal is an issue.

China is the catalyst

Moscow cannot win the war in Ukraine with Iranian assistance alone or even with North Korean assistance. The catalyst in the Kremlin's equation is clearly China with Beijing, however, having even unofficially taken a stand against war on European soil… As long as China does not assist Russia with weapons systems, the war will remain a slow and extremely deadly one ( mainly for civilians) procedure.

At a diplomatic level from the other side of the Atlantic, concern is growing as Iran “emerges” and indeed not timidly as another important component in the open war fronts of the planet. Directly or indirectly, Tehran is upgrading and this was not in the “plans” of the USA, especially when Joe Biden met with Vladimir Putin in Switzerland four years ago. The ramifications of the Russo-Iranian agreements are unknown today and it is clear that Iran, even though disguised, is a third pole both in the Middle East crisis (by choice) and in the one now in Ukraine (by interest).

The grouping of the “players” in the chessboards even after two years shows that the two sides have drawn lines so deep that the choice made is beyond final and decisive for the “future”. In an inevitable but not out-of-the-ordinary scenario of a generalized conflict on any of the open fronts, East and West will come face to face again with consequences impossible to record. There should also be a significant study on the part of the USA on whether and in what way the world's second largest nuclear power can today implement Tehran's constant dream of its own nuclear weapons…

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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