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Irritability in the Municipality of Latsia for the reform of the TA: “Factoring and party interests were imposed”

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The Municipality of Latsia speaks about an effort to “impose factorism in the current processes and the concession, narrowly of party or local interests and selfishness” in the middle of the scenarios in relation to the mergers and the number of pregnant municipalities.

In an announcement in view of the adoption of the bill for the reform of Local Government by the Parliament on February 24, the Municipality notes that “the maintenance of scenarios regarding the mergers and the number of pregnant municipalities until the last, does not broadcast the citizens”.

“Citizens, who are still watching the effort to impose factorism in the current processes and engagement, narrowly partisan or local interests and selfishness,” says the Municipality, which says that until now had consciously chosen to stay away from public debates regarding processes of its reform
Local Authorities.

He notes that the Municipality chose to violate its abstention from the public debate “before the spectrum the Reform becomes Deregulation”.

“And this is because, on the eve of the coveted vote, instead of clarifications and codification, major aspects are called into question which will inevitably determine the outcome of the project,” he notes.

Saying that citizens expect more, better and cheaper services and local authorities, a modernizing framework that will guarantee their financial and administrative independence, adding that “these were the goals of the Reform, based on all the technocratic studies that have been prepared so far. . This, in Latsia, remains our pursuit and expectation “.

“State monsters, which will trap for a number of years the productive forces of society, creating more problems than they aspire to solve, let them stay away from the Local Government”, the Municipality concludes.

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