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Irritability – This will calm your anger

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Irritability - This will calm your anger

Useful and smart tips to be able to deal effectively with irritability, calming your anger.

Anger is a feeling that almost everyone will experience at some point. It is actually a necessary emotion as it acts as a form of protection from a potential threat. However, if you find that you often feel angry, then it may be irritability.

How do you know if it is irritability?

There are many understandable ways in which you can express your anger. For example, shouting or even crying can be a healthy way to express your annoyance. But in the case of irritability, anger is usually observed in an almost primordial state.

When this happens, the person can:

  • Get angry easily.
  • Feeling short of breath as soon as he gets angry.
  • To see blurred.
  • To experience an increase in blood pressure during an explosion.
  • Have a fast heartbeat.

Irritability can manifest with very few or no warnings, being just an “explosion” of emotions.

How to calm her down

As with joy and sorrow, expressing anger at a broken promise, missed opportunity, or suffering is perfectly healthy and should be encouraged. To calm the irritability, you can try:

Try positive exercises

When you feel the unmistakable signs of your anger increase, try to focus on positive practices such as deep breathing to calm down. Supporting your breathing with soothing words can also help control your anger.

Repeating this exercise until your anger subsides can help you prevent an outburst, as well as the consequences that accompany it.

Focus on your loved ones

Just as you open up to your loved ones to discuss something pleasant or unpleasant, calling loved ones when you are about to lose control of your temper is a healthy way to deal with emotions.

Your friends and family can act as a support team, calming you down until the worst is over.

Keep a mood diary

One recommended way to deal with anger and recognize how often you experience this emotion is to keep a diary to keep track of your emotions.

Write down the factors that trigger your outbursts, as well as the thoughts that go through your mind when this happens to better understand your feelings.

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