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Is there a need for anti-Klonaridis?

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Is there a need for anti-Klonaridis?

On Friday, the departure of Victor Klonaridis was formalized, who opened a second vacancy for a non-native player in APOEL List A, while on Saturday, Isam Tsebake was announced, restoring the number of available positions to one.

At the same time, although the basic needs that existed in APOEL's roster have been completed with the acquisition of the French-Moroccan right back, there are other possible moves on the table.

One, which seems to be heading towards completion, concerns Lucas Souza, who is in an open line with the blue and yellows and assured the team that he will do everything he can to stay free and return to APOEL.

Beyond that, the possibility of… anti-Klonaridis cannot be ruled out, but a move that, in order to be realized (and given that Souza will be acquired), will require the additional release of a footballer.

The fact that the Belgian was in the plan of the Helladic coach (we remind you that he left after his own wish), means that now there is one option less for the midfield. On the other hand, however, Poursaitidis' choices in these positions are not few.

If we look at it more generally, for the four positions of the attack (“ten”, two ends and top) there are nine options: De Vincenti, Danilo, Ephraim, Theodorou, Okriashvili, Endongala, Katsantonis, Garner and Kvilitaia. Beyond that, there are the young midfielders who took chances last season (Koutsakos, Gabriel, Georgiou) and it is not excluded that even some of them will give solutions again, although it is considered a given that this year the competition will be very larger.

Even if we look at the positions separately, APOEL is still “covered”, having at least two first-class options for each position in the midfield.

In conclusion, it seems that despite the departure of a player he was counting on, Savvas Poursaitidis is not without options in the midfield and it is possible that Klonaridis will not be replaced, especially if the estimates are confirmed and Souza is left with no position. .

Of course, the transfer window still has a long way to go and no scenario can be ruled out, so the possibility of another player seeing the exit door and – in addition to the very possible Souza transfer – another move being made (either… anti-Klonaridis or other), is open. After all, there is the issue of Zahid, which is not yet considered definitively over.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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