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Isaac Herzog took notes on the MOEs

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Isaac Herzog went to the meeting with President Anastasiadis well read and asked to be informed about the confidence-building measures proposed by the Cypriot Government. Nikos Anastasiadis took care to inform the Israeli President about the MOEs he proposes and what exactly the implementation of each one means in practice. According to our information, President Herzog took notes and promised President Anastasiadis that after his talks in Turkey next week he will return by phone.

Government circles noted with satisfaction the fact that the Israeli The President showed special interest and underlined the fact that Nikos Anastasiadis particularly appreciates the fact that I. Herzog undertook to convey to the Turkish government the proposal for MOE. Nicosia also notes that the Israeli President undertook to put Anastasiadis' proposal despite the range of issues on the Herzog-Erdogan agenda. & Nbsp;

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In his remarks, President Anastasiadis said that he had informed his Israeli counterpart about the numerous and persistent efforts of our side, including the proposed confidence-building measures (MOUs) for the resumption of a substantial negotiation process that will yield results. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. He expressed gratitude for the position of the Israeli authorities in the Cyprus issue and for the personal interest of President Herzog and his commitment to the reunification efforts.

The Israeli president said in a statement that the tragedy in Ukraine was a reminder of the need to work together to protect principles and values, and therefore their interests, adding that this would be his message. to Turkey during his visit there, since, as he said, he believes in the cooperation of all peoples for the well-being of humanity.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the PTA said the meeting was held in the shadow of the tragic events in Ukraine, noting that both agreed that the situation could only be resolved through dialogue and diplomatic means. He noted that as Cypriots we understand the wound of the Ukrainian people, having suffered the tragic consequences of 1974 from the Turkish invasion. “Therefore, it is self-evident that we have united our voice with the voice of our partners in the EU and beyond, in condemning the Russian invasion and in taking measures to help the Ukrainian people in these critical moments,” said President Anastasiadis. .

The President noted in his statements that the war in Ukraine greatly affects energy supply and energy prices and this, he noted, further strengthens the argument and the belief that the EU needs a diversified and stable energy supply, for its energy security. “In this regard, we are convinced that the Eastern Mediterranean, of which our countries are an integral part, can prove to be extremely beneficial to the EU's energy security, providing alternative routes and also cleaner energy sources,” he said. For his part, the President of Israel said, among other things, that tragedies are unfolding in Ukraine. He referred to the historic event when thousands of Jews were executed outside Kyiv during World War II, noting that a museum was erected on the site, which was attacked by Russian troops yesterday.

President Anastasiadis spoke about excellent relations in the political field, which are also reflected in the solid cooperation between the respective business and scientific communities of the two countries and in the increase of interpersonal contacts. He said the East Med pipeline, if proven technically and economically viable, could supply gas and hydrogen, diversifying European supply routes and adapting to different market needs.

President Herzog in his own statements said that & nbsp; Cyprus-Israel-Greece are anchors of stability in the Mediterranean and more specifically the relationship between Cyprus and Israel is a pillar of stability and the key to a sustainable and prosperous region in the future. & Nbsp;

He referred to the bilateral cooperation in many fields and the creation of new economic synergies and the need for these relations to go even further in the fields of culture and human relations, so that the new leaders from Cyprus and Israel can support the next generation of the partnership.

Herzog Award & nbsp;

After the statements to the media, President Anastasiadis awarded the President of Israel with the Grand Necklace of the Order of the Blessed Sacrament. At the ceremony, the President said to Mr. Herzog that “it may be your first visit in your current capacity, but your ties with the island have been forged before you were born.”

of his grandparents on the island and the fact that it was an integral part of what could be called the island's first large-scale business venture in agriculture in the 1930s but also the help his family provided to Jews in colonial Cyprus. He also spoke about his personal contribution to the establishment of close cooperation between the diaspora of Cyprus, Israel and Greece, but also about the fact that Cyprus has recently acquired the status of an observer member of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance ( IHRA).

Source: www.philenews.com

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