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Israelis want to buy 60 hotels in Cyprus and Greece

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Israelis want to buy 60 hotels in Cyprus and Greece

Israeli investors are seeking to expand in Cyprus and Greece.

The Israeli Amir Dayan, whose name was heard most loudly in the Greek market, when the affiliated company Vivion Investment recently entered the HRDH tender for the utilization of the area of the former American Base in Gournes, Heraklion (with a bidder “REDS) is now back in the spotlight through the Israeli media:” The Diane brothers and the Isrotel hotel chain are in talks to buy dozens of hotels in Greece and Cyprus worth 1.2 billion euros, “they said. Israeli media.

As it is pointed out, this is a number of 60 hotels that are for sale “by a financially oriented body with which contacts are made” in various tourist areas throughout Greece and Cyprus. The funds for the acquisition of the 60 hotels – provided, of course, that the contacts end successfully – will come from both own and bank financing.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Dayan brothers have bought, among others, the Israel Israel Hotels in Israel, which manages the Crowne Plaza Hotels (as a franchisee of the IHG chain) in Haifa and Tel Aviv, while they also own other hotels in Jerusalem, the Black Sea and others. .

In addition, funds related to the name of Diane have already been present in the Greek hotel market through the cooperation with the highly mobile in our country in the last three-four years Brown Hotels. The new investment move in Greece, together with Isrotel, as reported in the Israeli media, will be made through the Africa Israel Hotel in the context of further expansion into the European market.

As for the listed Isrotel chain founded by David Lewis in 1980, it is one of the largest hotel chains in Israel, with a presence in luxury hotels. It has 20 large units in Israel, however it was one of the groups that was particularly hit by the pandemic and just in an effort to expand its activities outside the Israeli market it is now trying to expand its presence in our country. The main reasons given in the Israeli media are that the company has exhausted the scope for significant, further expansion in Israel, while in addition, after the experience of the pandemic, it wants to achieve greater risk spread and be placed in more markets, having been pressured and from the criticism he has suffered due to the state support he received in the midst of Covid -19.

The Diane brothers, well known to Amir Dayan, a businessman and real estate investor with his family, the Dayan Family Office, are pursuing a highly aggressive hospitality policy, beyond of course real estate where they have been strong for years. Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc. Amir Dayan lives in Amsterdam but has significant activity in Germany and Israel, now seeing, as reported in the Israeli media, new opportunities in Greece and Cyprus.

The Diane family is one of the richest in Israel, but their business career is not without its drawbacks: The names of the two brothers, Amir and Itzik, became involved in the not-so-distant past, in 2020, in tax evasion issues leading even to arrest them as suspects, although they themselves categorically denied their involvement, attributing the charges to domestic “against” due to divorce.

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