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It becomes… outsider!

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It becomes… outsider!

It is accepted by all that in this year's championship no team is famous for its stability. All the teams that set the title as a goal from the beginning, without exception, lost points from smaller ones, while on the other hand the teams that fight to stay in the category collected points from the big ones and find them dark in the games that are in their hands.

It is really impressive that in almost every match we had a surprise result or results! Essentially, with the exception of the 2nd, 4th and 5th races, in all the others there were results that we did not expect! The match in which the's underdog was played to a greater extent was the 10th, with four surprise results, while in eleven matches (3rd, 7th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st) we had only one game in which a larger team lost a point or points by a smaller one.

Big loss for everyone

In total, the big teams lost 73 points from the small and medium ones. This is admittedly a very large number. But let's see in detail how many points each one lost separately. Apollon, from the 19 points he has lost so far, seven are from small and medium teams. Omonia, out of the 22 points it lost, 14 are from smaller teams. AEL lost a total of 21 points and 7 were lost to small teams. Anorthosis lost 23 points and 12 from small and medium opponents. AEK lost 29 points and 12 from small and APOEL counts a total of 36 lost points and 21 are from smaller opponents.

With these data, one realizes that if one of the six teams was a little more careful, it might have had an advantage over the others in terms of title hunting.

Sense for Paphos

Lower vibrations, but sensation, caused some results of Paphos. We put the Paphian team in this special category, as it has a high budget and enough money has been spent for big names to come. However, it seems that for another year it is difficult to achieve the goals that have been set from the beginning. The following results of Paphos caused a sensation: 4th match Paphos – National 2-2, 11th match. Union – Paphos 0-0, 17th match. National – Paphos 2-1, 21st match. Karmiotissa – Paphos 0-0.

Surprising results:

1st match: APOEL – Karmiotissa 2-2, Paphos – Omonia 2-2, Apollon – Doxa 1-1

3rd match: Karmiotissa – AEK 0-0

6th match: Union – AEK 2-1, Hermes – APOEL 0-0

7th match: APOEL – Paphos 0-1

8th match: Omonia – Union 0-0

9th game: Olympiacos – Omonia 1-0, Karmiotissa – Anorthosis 1-1, AEK – Paphos 0-0

10th match: Apollon – Karmiotissa 1-2, Paphos – AEL 1-0, Ethnikos – APOEL 0-0, Omonia – Doxa 0-0

11th match: APOEL – Olympiacos 0-1, Nea Salamina – Omonia 2-1

12th match: Omonia – Hermes 0-0

13th match: Doxa – Anorthosis 2-1

14th match: Hermes – Anorthosis 1-1, Karmiotissa – APOEL 1-0

15th game: Nea Salamina – AEL 1-1

16th match: Paphos – Apollon 1-1

17th match: APOEL – Union 0-2

18th match: Doxa – APOEL 2-1

19: match: AEK – Union 1-2

20th match: Union – AEL 1-0, Doxa – AEK 0-0

21st match: Nea Salamina – Apollon 1-1

22nd game: Omonia – Olympiacos 1-1, Hermes – AEL 2-2

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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