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It is expected that… the arrow will poke the pockets of consumers-“The situation is set to be gloomy”

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<p data-block-key=The butchers see a gloomy picture in the run-up to Easter, as on the one hand they see with particular concern the price of meat going up and on the other hand they notice a narrowness in the availability of lamb, which has the greatest demand, due to the international war situation and the trade blockade by the Houthis.

Undoubtedly, from the equation of the upward trend in prices observed in almost all categories of the market recently, the meat category could not of course remain unaffected, with butchers expressing frustration at the fact that it is now difficult to find lamb that is sold more at Easter, but from the same time, they declare that they will do everything to meet the needs of consumers.

Obviously troubled by the prevailing situation, the president of the Pancypriot Association of Butchers, Kostas Livadiotis, told the REPORTER that the image presented by consumers is average to bad and for this reason they themselves are trying to find ways to respond to the extent that they can. “The situation is set to be gloomy for Easter, because there is tightness and accuracy is observed in raw materials, in fuel, in animal feed, in everything and for this reason we see a rise in prices. At the same time, there is a particular difficulty in the choices, as there are no small lambs in view of Easter. Things are very difficult”, said Mr. Livadiotis.

As for the prices, the wish of the president of the Butchers is that they remain at stable levels, however, his personal assessment is that they will climb upwards, as a large number of lambs are to be imported from abroad, to fill the butchers.< /p>

At the same time, there is strong interest from the occupied areas in buying lamb, due to the fact that there is Ramadan. “We are seeing trucks coming from the occupied territories as well, as the price in the occupied territories is from 16 to 24 euros and the price in the free territories is more advantageous”.

In the meantime, the question of understaffing in butchers is also a cause for concern, as they do not easily find staff to hire, while a large portion of employees are persons from third countries, who will stay for a short period of time and then leave the specific workplace they were employed .

However, what Mr. Livadiotis underlined is that the profit of butchers remains reduced due to the upward trend observed in prices. “Because they increased the price of meat, the quantities we sell are the same and less, with the result that the profit is more reduced, while at the same time there is huge competition in the market, which has the effect of putting a lock on many butchers”, indicated the president of Butchers.

It is noted that today the price for lamb is 13 to 15 euros per kilo, the thigh at 12 to 13 euros per kilo, the ribs at 15 with 16 euros per kilo and beef at 10 to 12 euros per kilo.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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