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“It is funny for APOEL to talk about refereeing. At the moment put a lawyer in No11 »

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On the occasion of the match with APOEL and especially what followed, the organized fans of Anorthosis issued a statement stating that the Police “is unable to do its job”, while then addressing the administration of the blue and yellows, calling it -among other things- to “put a lawyer” on the footballer who is accused of a threatening message to Ward.

The announcement in detail:

After Thursday's match and what followed we considered it wise to be patient for a few days so that our position is through confirmed facts but also a clear mind.

First of all, let us congratulate them for the double and the glorious victory on the field. It was just a daily victory. Even in the stands, despite our absence, the people gave their souls without any help from an organized situation as opposed to the opposite.

As for what followed, we we will not get into the process of consuming ourselves on social media fanatizing any situation. We will only dwell on two points worth mentioning.

1. Once again it turns out that the police are unable to do their job even when accompanied by ONE bus of the official mission. Do not look for anything more when he had to do the right thing for the safety of the fans in their mass movements. Certainly the police is the first reason why some people chose to apply the card. The & # 8220; successful & # 8221; This measure of the fan card has carried and exacerbated the violence off the field, and this is the way to cover their own weaknesses and omissions since they clearly never dealt with the smooth running of the games with the right plan, prevention and trained people as we see in external.

2. We have learned that “in the house of the hanged man, they do not talk about a rope”. This clearly goes to the upper echelons of the opponent's administration last Thursday but also to the communication and press managers. You do not want to get into the process of talking about examples that for years now the actions of your footballers have been passed on to you. For now, put a lawyer in the mercenary with “11”, after you have armed his mind properly. Since the summer when all 3 “friends” chose to move to Nicosia, we have neither taken a position nor do we even care what they do. They prefer and we prefer it to stay that way. After all, before 2020 no one knew them.

Going back to ours, the message to those who make up the football department is that they have our full support and not be influenced from none and nothing. The world will stand as a SHIELD to protect ANOMOTHOSI FAMAGOSTOS at any cost as it has done since its founding.

PS We are more likely to find out who attacked the bus than the police.

PS. 2 Indulgently funny to talk about the referee and use the word mockery. Those who for a decade mocked the whole of Cyprus, taking fake championships. It's really the least SHAME.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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