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It is imperative to establish a dispute resolution process in essential services, says OEB

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Establishment of dispute resolution process in essential services is imperative, says OEB

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The adoption of the position of the Federation of Employers & of Industrialists (OEB) for the enactment of the Agreement on the Procedure for the Resolution of Labor Disputes in Essential Services “becomes more imperative after the recent consecutive, unjustified and irregular strikes by workers in ports and airports, as well as the threat of strike action at the Authority Electricity of Cyprus”, says the Federation in today's announcement.

“Frequent threats to close Parastatal Organizations that are critical for the smooth functioning of businesses, seriously affect the economy and especially in the period we are going through with the tragic effects of the ongoing crises, they create conditions of further insecurity for those struggling to cope and survive “, he adds.

He also notes that the repeated work stoppages of workers in ports and airports are carried out arbitrarily, with complete disregard for the interests of the economy and with disproportionate consequences for businesses, traders and its citizens of our country but also those who visit it.

“The irresponsible attitude of a part of the trade unionism in essential organizations and services leaves no doubt as to the imposed measures to protect society as a whole”, notes the OEB, adding that “groups of privileged workers cannot be allowed to extort the social group with strikes with heavy social costs in order to achieve their goal, making the state hostage to their absurd demands and tarnishing the image of our country internationally”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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