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Italy: 20-year-old died from a tiramisu – She was allergic and it was presented to her as vegan

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Ιταλλα: 20χρονη πΕθανε απο Ενα τιραμισοΙ – Orταν αλλ εργικor και της το παρουσΙασαν σ&alpha ;ν vegan

The owners of the confectionery workshop that produced the tiramisu are being investigated for manslaughter

It had a tragic end in Italy the desire of a 20-year-old allergicin the dairy to enjoy a tiramisu, as the dessert she was served, although according to the catalog it was sold as “vegan”, ended up having milk in its ingredients.

The incident took place in a restaurant in Milan at the end of last January , when 20-year-old Anna Bellisario was having lunch in a fast food restaurant in Milan with a friend. The girl, after consuming the confection, went into anaphylactic shock and died after about 10 days at San Raffaele Hospital.

Ιταλλα: 20χρονη πε&theta ;αν&epsilon? ;γικor και της το παρουσΙασαν σαν vegan


Now, the two women who ran the lab that supplied the fast food restaurant are being investigated for manslaughter, reports Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

According to initial reports, the 20-year-old and her friend had mistaken the vegan food menus for those containing milk. Afterwards, however, it was claimed that there was a mix-up in the confectionary laboratory, with the result that vegan and dairy products were mixed.

With this information, the owners of the laboratory, a mother and her daughter, are now being investigated. , on the charge of murder. In fact, the same report states that Bellisario, when she ordered the tiramisu, she checked the ingredient label and asked for further information due to her allergy, but was reassured by the restaurant so she started eating it.

On the second spoonful, she felt sick and ran to the bathroom to try to puke. She then took the asthma medication and cortisone she always had with her, but shortly afterwards she lost consciousness and died in hospital 10 days later.

It is worth noting that traces of milk protein were also detected in other glasses of tiramisu of the same brand.

Additionally, traces of egg were found in the mayonnaise of the supposedly “vegan” sandwich that Anna ate as a main course at the same restaurant.< /p>

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