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Johnson will announce the removal of all Covid restrictions in England

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The complete abolition of all domestic legal restrictions that remain in force to deal with the coronavirus pandemic is expected to be approved today by the Council of Ministers in Britain, as part of the government's plan for coexistence with the virus.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make the announcements in the House of Commons later this afternoon and later in a press conference from Downing Street. that is, the obligation of isolation for those who are diagnosed positive in the coronavirus.

It is believed that this will happen next Thursday and that the legal obligation will be replaced by a recommendation to avoid gathering with others if someone is diagnosed positive for coronavirus.

In a statement last night, Mr. Johnson said that the abolition of all legal will be a “moment of pride” for the country after one of the most difficult times in the history of the United Kingdom.

He noted that this was made possible by the efforts of the NHS public health system, which developed the vaccination program at an “impressive” rate, by scientists and specialists, as well as citizens.

“The pandemic is not over “But thanks to the incredible development of vaccines, we are now one step closer to returning to normalcy and finally giving the world back its freedoms, while we will continue to protect ourselves and others.”/p>

According to Downing Street, Boris Johnson wants the country to move from a phase of “government intervention” to a phase of “personal responsibility”.

However, scientific advisers and NHS officials warn that the decision The government's move comes a day after the announcement that Queen Elizabeth, who is almost 96 years old, tested positive for the pandemic. coronavirus.

It is noted that the legal restrictions normally expire at the end of March, but Mr. Johnson has said he wants to expedite their removal. Political commentators say the move is also linked to the Prime Minister's attempt to quell the Conservative Party's reaction to the so-called 'partygate'.

In addition to the isolation requirement for carriers of the virus (for at least five days for the fully vaccinated and at least ten days for the unvaccinated) the remaining legal restrictions include the use of a mask in health facilities and the right of companies to request the use of a mask It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Most estimates are that free tests will be phased out and reserved for the most vulnerable and the elderly.

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