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Joining a union is an investment for a worker, says EQUALITY

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Joining a trade union can be a valuable investment for a worker, the pan-Cyprus Trade Union Equality says in a statement on Sunday.

According to the trade union, a key advantage of trade unions is the ability to participate in collective bargaining with employers, which can lead to improvements in the worker's working conditions that would not be possible to achieve if he negotiated on his own.

It is added that trade unions can also provide valuable legal or other representation to their members, such as in the event of a workplace dispute or complaint, where a trade union can provide or secure, at a much lower cost, legal representation.

< p>In addition, it states that guilds can offer social support to their members, which may include access to resources such as counseling services or financial assistance, but also discounts on insurance rates or other products and services.

The Safety and health protection is another area of ​​a union's activities, the release continues, including efforts to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries at work, as well as efforts to improve the overall health and well-being of workers.

< p> Additionally, it is noted that unions can also negotiate policies that help improve the work-life balance of their members, while there are also intangible benefits that can prove valuable to workers, such as providing a sense of solidarity and community. between members or the defense of common political and social goals.

Overall, it is clear that a worker should consider joining a union as a way of investing in their career and overall well-being, the statement concludes.

Source: CYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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