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July Full Moon: Today in the sky the Moon of the Deer

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July Full Moon: Today in the sky the Moon of the Deer

The full moon of July, also called “Deer Moon”, will catch the eyes of those who see the sky on Saturday, July 24.

According to NASA, the Moon was directly opposite the Sun on the night of Friday, July 23, but for many countries, including Cyprus, the full moon will be visible for three days.

Its culmination, however, will be today, Saturday, July 24.

Its name

This full moon has other names such as “Full Moon of Lightning”, “Full Moon of Sanos”, “Full Moon of Hydromelo”, but the most common is the “Full Moon of Deer”.

According to tradition, every year at such a time, new stag horns began to emerge from their foreheads, “covered” with velvet and soft hair.

Photography: Katia Christodoulou

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Source: politis.com.cy

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