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JV reply to Marios Georgiou: The removal of Andri Sialos does not concern her offer

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JV reply to Marios Georgiou: The removal of Andri Sialou does not concern her offer

Responding to the criticism regarding the decision to terminate the secondment of the former champion and former member of the Board of the Cyprus Sports Organization, Andris Sialos, the Cyprus Olympic Committee gives an announcement, noting that the new Board of the Commission will insist on proposing transparency, good governance and the values of Olympism as necessary preconditions for its operation. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that in its letter, the Cyprus Gymnastics Federation supports the athlete's request for the inclusion of his companion, Skevi Andreou, in the mission to the Olympic Games.

The answer of the JIT

According to an announcement by KOE, the Commission notes five points in response to what is said and written after the decision to end the secondment of the former champion and former member of the Board of the Cyprus Sports Organization, Andris Sialos.

It is clarified that “with the decision, KOE ended the secondment of Andri Sialou to KOE and not her employment status. Andris Sialos's employer is still the Cyprus Sports Organization, which can use its qualifications and offer as it considers more beneficial for sports and itself “.

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It is stated that “the relevant decision of the Commission does not concern at all the offer of Andri Sialou as a champion, whom she recognizes and respects”. “But we must respect and fully implement the procedures and regulations that govern the operation of the JV on the basis of good and transparent administration,” he added.

KOE, it is added, has responsibly informed the Cyprus Sports Organization about all the data concerning both the manner of secondment of Andris Sialos in 2019 to KOE, as well as the main, essential reasons that imposed the termination of the posting. If the COM, he notes, considers that it should publish the correspondence between us, it can do so.

The JCC 's priority at the moment is the mission of the Cyprus Olympic team to the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo and this priority will be supported by the Commission with dedication and therefore it will avoid any further public discussion on the issue, it added. However, we are ready to formally provide any information requested by the competent bodies, it is noted.

Finally, KOE reiterates that its new Executive Board has been elected, proposing transparency, good administration and the values of Olympism as necessary preconditions for its operation. “We will continue to support these conditions with respect and devotion,” the statement concluded.

KOG supports the request of Marios Georgios

The request of the Champion Marios Georgios to accompany him to the Tokyo Olympics by Skei Andreou, is supported by the Cyprus Gymnastics Federation, asking the Cyprus Olympic Committee to reconsider the issue.

According to an announcement by KOG, regarding the post of Marios Georgios on social media regarding his request for Andrei Skevi to accompany him to the Olympic Games, the Federation officially sent a letter dated 08 April 2021 to the athlete's request to the Cypriot Olympia Committee explaining the reasons why its participation is important for the athlete.

According to the President of KOG Savvas Matsas, in a meeting he had with Mario Georgiou with the President of KOE George Chrysostomou, he assured them that every possible effort will be made to include Skevi Andreou in the mission.

On June 14, 2021, in a letter, the Cyprus Olympic Committee informed the KOG that Ms. Andreou and therefore will be out of mission.

“We, as the Cyprus Gymnastics Federation, support the fair request of our athlete and we ask the JV to reconsider our request”, says the KOG.

Regarding the report of Marios Georgios on the removal of Andris Sialos, the KOG expresses its support for her. “Ms. Sialou has offered our athletes enormous help, especially throughout their journey to Tokyo. “Knowing her, we wonder what are the messages that are sent to all those who are involved in sports and especially to athletes”, the announcement concludes.

Source: politis.com.cy

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