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Kadis: Cyprus will adopt “From the farm to the plate”

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The assurance that Cyprus will make every effort to adopt the European Commission strategy “From farm to fork”, which concerns the way we produce and consume food in the EU, was expressed by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Costas Kadis. after a meeting with EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakidou, who stressed the “enormous importance” of implementing a unified approach to the issue in the EU, while noting that “Cyprus has high rates of antibiotic use”.

Ms. Kyriakidou said that the European Agency for Disease Prevention is available to all Member States to help have a national strategy.

Mr. Kadis said that as Cypriots we are very proud because the architect of the new policy / strategy “from farm to fork”, which ensures that our dish receives products that are safe and produced in an environmentally friendly way, is the our compatriot Stella Kyriakidou “.

The Minister of Agriculture referred to the need for Cyprus to adopt the principles of this strategy and assured the Commissioner that “Cyprus supports the strategy and policies it dictates” and is ready to cooperate “with the authorities of the European Commission to address and the special challenges that Cyprus faces in certain issues “.

These issues, according to Mr. Kadis, are the widespread use of antibiotics in Cyprus, the proper use of pesticides and the protection and welfare of animals.

He stated that in all three issues we have formulated new policies, which can be enriched with the suggestions and cooperation of the Commission “and thanked Ms. Kyriakidou, who supports the effort made by Cyprus, as she said,” even through the sending of ladders to Cyprus to see in cooperation with the Cypriot services these issues and to advise us on how we can have better performance and be more effective “.

The European Commissioner also said that the new farm-to-plate strategy, launched in May 2020, is part of the European Commission's Green Agreement and has a total of 27 actions, adding that this is the Commission's vision way we can produce and consume food in the EU.

Ms. Kyriakidou said that among the goals of the strategy is “the need to label products for consumers to have correct and complete information, the significant reduction of food waste by 2023, the reduction in the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals by 50% by 2030, reducing the use of antibiotics in animals, farms and fish farming by 50% by 2030 and reviewing existing animal welfare legislation “.

“We are working hard to achieve these goals and to have a new legal framework for sustainable food systems by 2023,” he added.

He also mentioned that health is not only the sons but also the food we consume, the air we breathe and the environment in which we live and added that in this phase of the pandemic and climate change

Ms. Kyriakidou said that the progress of the Member States will be published every year, while assuring that the European Commission and its services will be at the disposal of the Ministry “to support these efforts so that we can move forward faster and more efficiently.” ».

He added that “the more antibiotics consumed by humans and farm animals, the greater the risk of developing diseases that are no longer treatable and resistant to antimicrobials.” .

Finally, Ms. Kyriakidou said that she will visit the community dog shelter in Kokkinotrimithia and the organic farm RiveLand where there are organic farms.

Source: www.philenews.com

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