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Kadis: Cyprus will raise up to 5 million euros to support farmers

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The adoption of Croatia's proposal, which was also supported by Cyprus and other Member States, in support of farmers in the European Union, of which the Commission informed the EU Agriculture Ministers on Tuesday, will enable the country to and 5 million euros for this purpose, said the Minister of Agriculture Costas Kadis on the sidelines of the work of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council held in Brussels.

In his statements, Mr. Kadis pointed out that during the meeting it was proved that small Member States such as Cyprus can play a leading role, contributing to the formation of pan-European policies, citing as examples the decision to support farmers and the proposal of Cyprus. for a common EU-wide list of animals that can be kept as pets.

Referring to the Commission's decision last Friday to grant a request from Croatia, Cyprus and other Member States to provide emergency temporary support through the Rural Development budget to farmers affected by the energy crisis and rising prices, Mr Kadis stressed that What the Commission presented was exactly what Cyprus had proposed at the previous Council meeting.

“Through the adoption of this proposal, especially for Cyprus, we will be able to raise an amount of around 5 million euros to support Cypriot farmers to go through this difficult period in view of the large increases in fuel prices, fertilizers “and the difficulties created by these increases”, he added, announcing that next Friday the Council of Ministers will discuss the way in which these 5 million euros will be distributed “and possibly additional resources that will be approved by the Ministry of Finance “, as he said.

Mr. Kadis also referred to the proposal for the creation of a European positive list for wild animals, which are allowed to be traded.

Noting that the trade of wild species is one of the most important threats to biodiversity, Mr. Kadis pointed out the positive role that the establishment of such a list can play at EU level.

“Our proposal is very important, also , for animal protection and welfare purposes & # 8211; wild animals are born and not to be kept in captivity & # 8211; and, of course, plays a positive role in matters of safety and health of citizens “, he noted.

” It is with great satisfaction that we saw that the proposal presented by Cyprus was almost embraced “from all the Member States of the European Union, while the European Commission told us that it will study the creation of a legislation that will include provision for the creation of the positive list, as suggested by Cyprus,” he added.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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