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Kalopanagiotis and Pissouri one step before the list of Best Tourist Villages

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Καλοπαναγι&tau ;ης και Πισσοyρι Ενα βorμα πριν τη λΙ&sigma ;τα Καλψτερων Τουριστικων Χωριω&nu ;

One step ahead of the list of the Best Tourist Villages, of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, are the villages of Kalopanagiotis and Pissouri, after the honorable distinction they received for their participation in Organization Upgrade program.

This distinction, finds the two areas very close to the greatest distinction from the Organization, since it is considered the anteroom of the recognition as the Best Tourist Villages of the world. Specifically, 136 villages from 57 countries applied to be included in the category and of these 32 were recognized as Best Tourist Villages. Kalopanagiotis and Pissouri are on the list of twenty villages in the world that joined the Upgrade program and this is an honor for our Cyprus.

Kalopanagiotis has become a pole of attraction for locals and foreigners, since in recent years it has shown enormous growth, while in a few months it has received a total of three distinctions, since as he mentioned speaking to REPORTER the community leader of Kalopanagiotis, Lambros Lambrou, the community was one of the first to receive the Colored Villages badge from the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. A few months later, Kalopanagiotis received the community cleanliness award of the Nicosia province… The highlight was last month when the community's participation in the World Tourism Organization's upgrade program was announced.

Καλοπαναγιτη ς και ΠισσοΙρι/></p>
<p>For a community to take part in the relevant competition, according to Mr. Lambrou, it should meet certain conditions, such as religious and cultural heritage, history, natural environment, services and others. “We prepared our proposal because we believed we met all the conditions and finally we were selected. According to the letter we received, in the next period we will be informed about participation in a conference that will be held in Saudi Arabia on February 28 and we are waiting for more details”, said Mr. Lambrou. </p>
<p><img decoding=Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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