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Karagiannis puts an end to the reactions to AstraZeneca's withdrawal – “A noise about nothing”

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<p data-block-key=Various reactions have been caused in the last twenty-four hours by the withdrawal of AstraZeneca's vaccine to treat the coronavirus from the global market, after the pharmaceutical giant admitted on the one hand that the vaccine in question may cause side effects such as blood clots and on the other hand, that there are now several newer vaccines, which have been adapted to target the variants of Covid-19.

However, at the same time that the European Medicines Agency issued a statement according to which the vaccine is no longer approved for use, the reactions of a large portion of citizens who have received the dose of vaccine have flared up, opening fire against the authorities, since they claim that it was their health at risk. However, it is noted that according to the data so far, AstraZeneca's vaccine has been administered in more than 150 countries, while some studies conducted during the pandemic found that the vaccine was 60% to 80% effective in protecting against the new coronavirus.

The professor of Molecular Virology, dr. Petros Karagiannis, who in his statements to REPORTER, characteristically stated that, “in the last few hours, a lot of noise is being made about nothing, as the vaccine was of crucial importance at the beginning of the pandemic, since it helped limit the spread of the virus. Three billion doses have been given worldwide, but some incidences of thrombosis have been observed, with estimates of one to three occurrences per hundred thousand doses. Therefore, as it is perceived, the risk from the vaccine is nil”.

As explained later by Dr. Karagiannis, due to the bad publicity that AstraZeneca's vaccine received, its sales decreased significantly. “So some Governments have decided not to continue with this particular vaccine. On the other hand m-RNA vaccines are updated and more effective, against Omicron's sub-variants and variants. Therefore, because AstraZeneca's vaccine was against the original virus, which has disappeared, sales fell and it was not in the company's financial interest to continue producing it, so it decided to withdraw it.”

Some citizens today, however, wonder if there will be any consequences from taking the vaccine in question, with the Professor of Molecular Virology pointing out that, “after three years, those who received it will not suffer anything at all and that is clear. For history in Cyprus, there have only been two cases of the specific AstraZeneca vaccine, but they were cases that received the vaccine and developed symptoms after two to three weeks”.

If there is concern about the rest of the vaccines that the community received to deal with the coronavirus, Dr. Karagiannis, was particularly keen to note that, “there is going to be absolutely nothing and everything that is traded today is a product of someone's imagination. We remind you that vaccines are what have allowed us to be back to normal, in such a short period of time, which has forced the virus to return to milder in an attempt to remain, but escape. So the vaccines did their job as they were supposed to and from here on out, anyone who wants to has the option to do it and anyone who wants to just doesn't get it.”

It is worth mentioning that the corona virus, over time, seems to mutate and each new strain that appears has changes that allow it to be transmitted more easily and therefore displaces the other strains. “If a person who is elderly feels that they are at risk because of their underlying diseases, they will try to get the vaccine in an attempt to protect themselves. The younger ones, however, don't seem to care as much about getting the vaccine. As experts, we don't know how the virus will change in the future, but what we do know is that the virus still exists, since every week there are a number of cases in the community,” said Dr. Karagiannis.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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