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Karditsa: Large circuit of issuing fake vaccination certificates -6,000 live in Palamas, 40,000 were vaccinated

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Karditsa: Large circuit of issuing fake vaccination certificates -6,000 live in Palamas, 40,000 were vaccinated

An investigation is in full swing for a large circuit of issuing “monkey” vaccination certificates, which is being investigated by the prosecutor's office on the occasion of the case at the Palamas Health Center in Karditsa. According to the first data of the investigation, the alleged administrative employee allegedly had at least one accomplice nurse, from whom he had obtained the codes with which he proceeded to confirm the sham vaccinations.

It is characteristic, as Sky reported, that 40,000 vaccinations have been given at the Palama Health Center in Karditsa, while the inhabitants of the community do not exceed 6,000 (!) . origin of the employee. The investigations focus on a specific city in Northern Greece, the city of origin of the employee because authorities estimate that she may have given her co-residents the vaccination certificates.

The at least 47 vaccinated who are only for August and are said to have been vaccinated virtually, however the number of fake certificates being examined may be much higher even before that month.

The judicial authorities from the specific codes have ascertained the identity of the user who seems to be leading to the specific nurse who will give explanations in the coming days. The nurse confirmed the vaccination .

Criminal prosecution for a crime

It is not ruled out that in the coming days criminal prosecutions will be instituted on the basis of the coronavirus dissemination provisions. Banking secrecy can thus be lifted in order to establish unjustified inflows of money into the bank accounts of those involved and if it is found that some – at least 47 – virtually vaccinated have given money a financial transaction occurs, while it will be investigated whether there is a wider circuit. It is not ruled out that criminal charges may be brought against those who have been vaccinated.

At the same time, the employee who allegedly did the sham vaccinations remains silent.

On the other hand, the people conducting the research are “leaf and feather” all the data they have, while last Saturday they closed with a number of vaccinations, but there were more than two vaccines, ie the element that seems to have betrayed the alleged perpetrator. They reached the certificates that the vaccinated people were supposed to have made and found that there was no seal, so the process started, the administration of the health center was notified and then the administration of the 5th RAE and we have the EDE.

On Monday the first information to the prosecutor

On Monday, the commander of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fotis Seretis, will submit the first information to the prosecutor of Karditsa . It is noted, however, that he will also sue the dozens of people who knew that they had a fake certificate and were circulating knowing that they could be infected with the virus, something that the Minister of Health has also requested.

At the same time, a new, stricter law that will include the crime of sham vaccinations, the Minister of Health announced to SKAI. “A special law is coming for monkey vaccinations” the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris emphasized characteristically at our station.

Source: politis.com.cy

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